How many of these 50 crochet baby blankets will you make?

Are you ready for your next new arrival, or maybe you received an invite to a baby shower? I’ve put together 50 free crochet baby blanket patterns so that we can find the inspiration to make our next cuddly blanket!

Baby blankets are always so much fun to make! I love them because they’re fast, they’re useful, and they also help you practice new techniques and stitches on a small crochet piece!

Here are 50 different baby blanket crochet patterns for you to peek at – I hope you find your next pattern!

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1. Timeless Teal Chevron Baby Blanket by The Loopy Lamb

“There is something timeless and classic about a good chevron blanket. I have made my Timeless Teal Chevron Blanket so many times this year for baby showers that I could probably crochet one in my sleep. This blanket is honestly a huge hit no matter what colour I made it in. I have even made it in colours that I wasn’t particularly drawn to and ended up loving it so much I kept it for my daugther. “

Timeless Teal Chevron Blanket Crochet Pattern

2. Bahama Waves Baby Blanket by Stitch In Progress

“I saw this yarn stack in JoAnn’s one day and I just knew it would make a sweet little blanket with the Ocean colorway. So, with the ocean in mind, I decided to use the puff chevron stitch pattern to create these sweet little waves. 

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did and I would love to see any pictures! “

crochet baby blanket in blues draped on kids rocking chair

3. The Basilisk Baby Blanket by CoCo Crochet Lee

“When I first received the ‘I Wanna Make a Blankie‘ Yarn new from Lion Brand, I was excited to get crocheting! The Basilisk Baby Blanket pattern turned out amazing! And how fun is it that it’s a free pattern as well as a Lion Brand Kit! “

The Basilisk Baby Blanket free crochet pattern by coco crochet lee

4. Crocheted C2C Cactus Blanket by Pink Plumeria Maui

“Welcome to my free crochet pattern for Crocheted C2C Cacti Baby Blanket. About a year ago I was inspired by C2C Hearts Blankets and when I designed my C2C Cactus Square Pattern I knew a Cacti Blanket was needed. My Crocheted C2C Cacti Baby Blanket came out beautiful. The colors and textures compiment each other. I used Crochet Single Rib Stitch for border by using a framing method of doing one side at a time. I really love this border as it adds stability. “

C2C Crocheted Cactuses Baby Blanket

5. Free C2C Cactus Blanket by Pink Plumeria Maui

“I’ve included 2 graphs, first one has a cactus without flowers and the second has cactus with flowers in the graph. A third options is to add a flower or two in a color of your choice using my Crocheted Layered Flower Pattern, as seen in the pictures on this blog post. This is a versatile pattern than can be made for a baby girl, boy or neutral gender for parent’s waiting to be surprised. The completed blanket is 32 inches by 32 inches. “

Crocheted C2C Cactus Baby Blanket

6. The Briar Rose Baby Blanket by CoCo Crochet Lee

It’s time to get cute and cozy with the Briar Rose Baby Blanket, a free crochet pattern with CoCo Crochet Lee and WeCrochet!

Briar Rose Baby Blanket free crochet pattern by coco crochet lee we crochet

7. Watermelon C2C Baby Blanket by Pink Plumeria Maui

” Who loves watermelons in summertime? I certainly do! Summertime has all the retail stores displaying watermelons on everything. When I first started crocheting one of my first projects was a watermelon zipper pouch. Today I want to share my easy Crocheted Watermelon C2C Baby Blanket. Crocheted corner to corner is a very easy way to create a beautiful texture and works up quickly. “

Crocheted Watermelon C2C Baby Blanket

8. Bobbles and Stripes Baby Blanket by Maria’s Blue Crayon

” One of my favorite things about granny squares is that you don’t have to be limited to basic stitches. For this granny square pattern, I used both a bobble stitch and double crochet to make a gorgeous texture! Plus I used multiple colors for a fun look! When LoveCrochet graciously gave me some of a new line of yarns they had out, I immediately knew it would be perfect for a blanket! “

9. Llama and Cactus Granny Baby Blanket by Maria’s Blue Crayon

“This cute llama and cactus blanket took me much longer than I anticipated to finish, but I’m thrilled that it’s complete! And it’s one of my new favorites!

I first made the cactus and I had such a great response from everyone! I wasn’t 100% sure where I was headed with the blanket, but when I added llamas it was definitely going in the right direction!”

10. Ocean Granny Square Baby Blanket by Maria’s Blue Crayon

“I’m so incredibly thrilled to be sharing with you the completed Ocean Afghan! This has been a work of love since May and I enjoyed bringing this together right to the very end.

11. The Peekaboo Baby Blanket by Rich In Textures Crochet

“Welcome to Rich Textures Crochet! Today we will learn how to crochet this gorgeous gender neutral baby blanket: The Peek-A-Boo Baby Blanket.

When you don’t know the gender of the baby being born, it’s always a challenge to find gender neutral baby blanket.”


12. The Bunny Silhouette Baby Blanket by Rich In Textures Crochet

” I’ve worked the blanket using the simple moss stitch pattern, adorning the blanket with a bunny silhouette worked in single crochet stitches.  In total you will need 3 colours for your own blanket.  The white used in the tail of mine was from some scrap yarn that I had lying around the house.  You will need a very small amount! “

Bunny Blanket 2

13. The Spring to Life Baby Blanket by Ned and Mimi

” For me, green is just the perfect colour for a baby blanket. Green symbolizes life, renewal, growth and new beginnings, everything you would associate with a brand new baby. “

spring to life easy crochet baby blanket

14. The Beachy Waves Throw by Spin A Yarn Crochet

“It is a super simple corner-to-corner blanket made using Bernat Baby Bundle yarn. It’s a yarn that is made up of four different types of yarn, giving the finished blanket a really fun texture and look. It is super squishy (perfect for babies, as advertised!) and really soft with beautiful drape. I was afraid the C2C stitch would be too dense, causing the blanket to be a bit stiff, but it isn’t at all. “

15. Gracie’s Blanket by Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet

” I was so happy to make this beautiful blanket for the arrival of my first grand daughter. I found that these small cables are easy to crochet and the yarn highlights them so well. Choosing to use Lion Brand’s Vel-Luxe yarn in pale gray was a fabulous choice as it is so luxurious and soft. I love that it comes in a cake and it is a “4” yarn, but it is not a normal “4”. I consider this yarn to be a hefty 4 yarn. Keep scrolling to find the pattern at the end of this post. “

16. Bunny Hugs Hooded Baby Blanket By Posh Pouch Designs

I am very excited to release this Crochet Pattern and Video.Red Heart Yarn sent me this amazing baby yarn, 
and it’s been tested for harmful substances,
 so its safe for babies and children.
It’s called Bunches Of Hugs.  It’s a Worsted weight (4) yarn.
 It’s very soft, and durable at the same time.
It has many wonderful colors to choose from.
Both solids and Variegated.

17. The Elegant Baby Blanket by Meladoras Creations

” This Free Crochet pattern teaches how to make this delicate lacy baby blanket that would look great in any nursery and is made to be used for the whole time the baby is in the crib. “

Elegant Blanket 4 400

18. The Flower Afghan by Meladoras Creations

” This Free Crochet Pattern with Video tutorials will teach you how to make this Crocheted Baby Afghan that’s made of Puff Flowers and connected as you go! I’ll also show you how to crochet and attach the Flower Granny Square. “

Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 29

19. The Happy Herringbone Chevron Blanket by Two Brothers Blankets

“I LOVE the Herringbone Double Crochet stitch and I love sport weight yarn, so I combined the two to create this fun baby blanket!

The sample blanket pictured uses 4 colors, however, you can create any color combination you prefer. “

20. Chasing Rainbows Baby Blanket by Marly Bird

” The response on this free crochet blanket pattern has been incredible. It is one of the most popular patterns available on the Red Heart Website that was released this month. I am so happy that you like it! Seriously, when I hear from Red Heart that their website is blowing up with pattern downloads for MY PATTERN…it makes my day! “

LW5174 Chasing Rainbows Baby Blanket by Marly Bird

21. A Blanket for Ellie by Divine Debris

“” Now this pattern is super easy to adjust and make bigger if you’d like to make an afghan or a bedspread – the multiple is listed in the notes but you just increase by 5 each row. I added a nice border because I like when edges look clean, ya know? Honestly, you could make this pattern with any yarn you have on hand, you just need to adjust the hook to suit your needs. “

The Ellie Baby Blanket free crochet pattern by

22. Quick and Chunky Blanket by Crafty Beach Day

” The V-st is easy to master. After a few rows, you can relax as the pattern repeats and the blanket quickly grows in size. This is a great project for grabbing while watching your favorite show. The size is easily adjustable too if you’d like to make a larger blanket. “

23. Squishy and Chunky Baby Blanket by Stitching Together Crochet

” Please please please do not be intimidated by the gorgeous braided look of these stitches. I promise, they are SIMPLE. “

basket with a chunky crochet baby blanket spilling out of it

24. Simple Stitch Baby Blanket by Rescued Paws Designs

” This simple stitch blanket is perfect for those of us who LOVE basic crochet designs! If you were looking for an easy go-to handmade baby gift, then this is it! “

Simple Stitch Baby BLanket Pattern by Rescued Paw Designs

25. The Beckett Woodland Baby Blanket by CoCo Crochet Lee

” The Beckett Woodland Baby Blankie is here! Made to look like knitting! this FREE crochet pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters that are looking to create a treasured blankie that has a gorgeous faux-knit texture. “

26. Owen Tapestry Baby Blanket by Kristin Omdahl

” Tapestry crochet is a wonderful technique to apply to crochet motifs. This pattern offers intricate color work designs and creates a fabric that looks beautiful on both sides. The twisted fringe adds a richness to the finished look. “


27. Be So Sporty Baby Blanket by Kristin Omdahl

28. Grace Tender Baby Blanket by Kristin Omdahl

” This is an adorable set of blanket and hat for a new baby. The raised floral detail on the hat perfectly matches the raised floral motif in the center of the blanket. Made in 100% certified organic cotton, #4 worsted weight yarn, it is super soft and baby friendly, works up quickly – and is safe to wash in the washing machine on delicate cycle in a lingerie bag. “


29. Simple Chevron Baby Blanket by Sigoni Macaroni

“The Simple Chevron Baby Blanket crochet pattern is quick, super simple, and free! This baby blanket consists of a simple chevron pattern repeat using four colors to make it even more special. It measures 21.5 inches by 19 inches making it a small, bassinet sized baby blanket. It would be perfect as a last minute baby shower gift because it works up really quickly. It is so easy to customize both the length and width of your chevron baby blanket and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.”

Simple Chevron Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

30. Lucky Day Baby Blanket by Crochet Kim

” It’s a pentagon, or five-sided polygon. It reminds me of a giant sand dollar so it would be very suitable for a nautical theme in a baby’s room. There are no hole-y bits since the staggered shells make a solid surface. “

Lucky Day Baby Blanket | CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern

31. Juliet’s November Afghan by CoCo Crochet Lee

” Oh my goodness! It’s here! I sit here, in my hotel in Florida, so that I can get this out to you guys because I am that excited to release this pattern!! The Juliet’s November Afghan! My love, my pride, the prettiest colour I have seen in a while combined with the loveliest square I have designed in ages! Are you ready to make one? Here are some options! “

32. Tenga Venga Baby Blanket by Crochet Kim

“I love these two coordinating colors of Red Heart Yarns Super Saver. So pretty and they work so well with this stitch pattern.

This blanket is worked in an easy two-row repeat with both written and video instruction. The rows are so short that you can carry up the yarn along the side so you don’t end up with tons of loose strands to weave in. And then you have the adorable little shell border.

It’s a wonderful project, especially for a baby shower, but you can also use the provided stitch multiple to make it any size you like.”

CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern | Tenga Venga Baby Blanket @crochetkim

33. Wintergreen Baby Blanket by Loopingly Handmade

” I had the utmost pleasure designing theWintergreen Crochet Baby Blanket. It is such a beautiful blanket that is suitable for both boys and girls.”

Wintergreen Baby Blanket

34. Tweed and True Baby Blanket by Heart Hook Home

“Bright and fun colors really make this new Tweed and True baby blanket pattern. When paired with a fun, frilly border, you’ve got a blanket that is sure to be perfect for any new baby. “

Tweed and True Tunisian Crochet baby blanket

35. Creighton’s Blanket by Heart Hook Home

” I think my girlfriends had a secret meeting and decided to all have babies at the same time. Since I am done having babies myself this, of course, means that I get all the baby cuddles and newborn smells without the dirty diapers annnnd that I need to crochet faster. Ha!  Creighton’s blanket is an extremely customizable crochet stitch sampler pattern that can be used for a baby blanket, a lapghan, or a full blown king size blanket! “

Crochet Stitch Sampler Blanket Pattern

36. Oliver Baby Blanket by Edie Eckman

” The all-over stitch pattern makes this cozy blanket a relaxing project for all skill levels. One-row stripes in three colors allow you to carry the yarn up the side without cutting, so you only have a few ends to weave in. “

Oliver Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

37. Happy Hues Blanket by YarnUtopia

” Today, I am introducing the Happy Hues Sampler Baby Blanket. This luxurious blanket was made in the hues of my nursery. Yours can be made in any combo of color or why not use this project for a great stash buster!? You will love this project so much! “

38. Fabien Ombre Baby Blanket by My Hobby Is Crochet

” Fabian’s Ombré Baby Blanket is made using one of my favorite crochet stitches – the Sedge Stitch, a very easy stitch that creates a lovely texture and it works up very quickly.  “

Fabian's Ombre Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

39. Unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket by My Hobby Is Crochet

” I’m super excited to finally share with you this wonderful baby blanket pattern I have been working on for a while. And let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! I hope you will love it as much as I do! “

40. Circle in a Square Baby Blanket by The Underground Crafter

” This granny square baby blanket pattern is designed so you join the squares as you go and then add a 3 color border in the round at the end. It has a very cute look once it’s finished and makes a great baby shower gift. Most doctors recommend against letting babies sleep under blankets these days, but baby blankets still make great room decor or mats for tummy time. “

41. Crochet Heirloom Baby Blanket by The Underground Crafter

“It’s no secret that I love baby blankets. While times have changed and pediatricians no longer recommend that you let infants sleep underneath blankets (especially not bulky crochet ones), baby blankets still make great projects to gift for decorating a nursery, to use as stroller or car seat blankets, or to use for “tummy time.”

Modern Heirloom Blanket, free crochet pattern by Underground Crafter - flat lay of blanket

42. Classic Granny With a Twist by the Underground Crafter

” I’ve always loved blankets that are assembled on point. I mean, why should everything just be in regular straight rows, right? “

Classic Granny with a Twist Blanket, free crochet pattern in Red Heart With Love yarn by Underground Crafter | Set 6 variations on the traditional granny square on point to create a beautifully striking throw or baby blanket. #redheartyarns #joycreators

43. Cross Stitch Baby Blanket by The Underground Crafter

” Since baby blankets are washed frequently, I didn’t want to choose any yarn that requires special care. Everyday Baby is also a light weight yarn, so the finished blanket is much easier to roll up for shipping than a bulkier, medium weight blanket. “

Free crochet pattern: Crosshatch Stitch Baby Blanket in Premier Yarns Everyday Baby with video tutorial by Underground Crafter | This simple stitch pattern creates a delightful chevron without complicated decreases. Carry the unworked yarn up the side while you’re working and then cover with a border to minimize the number of yarn tails you need to weave. This pattern makes a great gift for your next baby shower, or is suitable for donation to your favorite children's charity, or one of the organizations highlighted by the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation.

44. Rippled Security Blanket by The Underground Crafter

” There is something really fun about crocheting ripple blankets, but sometimes they are out of reach of beginner crocheters because of complex decreasing patterns. This pattern is very beginner-friendly and uses skipping stitches for decreasing. “

Free crochet pattern: Rippled Security Blanket in Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium by Underground Crafter | This beginner-friendly ripple pattern makes a cozy blanket that’s perfect for a child to cuddle under. This blanket is designed to meet the donation requirements for Project Linus, a charity that provides handmade blankets to critically ill children.

45. Checkerboard Baby Blanket by The Underground Crafter

” This pattern was originally published on FaveCrafts in June, 2015, but I’ve made some updates and I’ve also added more sizes. Enjoy! “

Checkerboard in Primary Colors Blanket, free #crochet pattern in 6 sizes by Underground Crafter

46. Dancing Mushroom Blanket by Jessie At Home

” Vintage style crochet patterns just make me happy. I designed this Dancing Mushroom chart years ago, and I finally found the perfect yarn to turn it into a sweet little blanket. The center image panel is surrounded by a thick border in several different stitch patterns which add to the style of this family heirloom to-be. “

Vintage Style Crochet Afghan - Dancing Mushroom Blanket Pattern by Jessie At Home

47. I’m a Square Blanket by Jessie At Home

” The I’m a Square blanket is full of bright, happy colors. It’s crocheted using join as you go methods so there is no seaming. It is quite easy to adjust the size of this blanket. Use the colors suggested for a modern, unisex look, or change the colors to suit your style; there are plenty of color options of Paintbox DK yarn so the choice is yours. “

I'm a Square free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home - 2

48. Rainbow Droplets Baby Blanket by Jessie At Home

” This blanket for your beautiful baby is made of a rainbow of flowers or water droplets (depending on how you see it) and has a rainbow border as well. Brighten up any nursery with this lovely blanket! “

Rainbow Droplets Babyghan free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home - 2

49. Hibiscus Baby Blanket by Kristin Omdahl

“This is a simple motif project transformed into a brilliant, kaleidescope with a palette of 5 complementary colors of yarn.

The motif blanket has a delicate floral edging. And the hat and booties feature a 3-dimensional embellished flower that is crocheted into the fabric, not sewn on as a an afterthought.”

Hibiscus Baby Layette Blanket, Booties and Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

50. Quick and Cozy Baby Blanket by Kt And The Squid

“T his crochet blanket pattern is easy enough for a beginner and works up very fast as well. You could easily finish a baby size in 1 day! Although the pattern calls for bulky weight yarn you could substitute with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn. I also used some Red Heart Medley recently and think it would be a good sub as well. “

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