What To Make With Velvet Yarn

Your beautiful yarn stash has so many great treasures, and I bet you have some velvet yarn in there too! Have you been peeking around for things to make with that soft, velvety yarn? I’ve put together some fabulous options for you to get crocheting and use that velvet yarn up!

Velvet yarn is so much fun to work with, and I’d love to share one of my favourites with you, Lion Brand Vel-Lux! I’ve used it for a few designs that you can find on the blog here, including the Easy Vel-Lux Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern, and The Sleepy Mallow Bunny Free Crochet Pattern!

Take a look at this dreamy yarn here >> https://shrsl.com/26f5h

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1. The Velvet Cardi for Little Kids by Heart Hook Home

If you’ve been looking for the perfect velvet yarn crochet pattern for kids, this Velvet Cardigan for Little Kids is it, friend! Grab your velvet yarn and your crochet hook and let’s get to work with this Free Velvet Cardi for Little Kids crochet pattern!

2. The Velvet Cardi for Big Kids by Heart Hook and Home

The bigger kids sizes of the Velvet Cardi are ready for your hook! For the child sizes of this velvet yarn cardigan pattern, I decided to split the posts into two: one for little kids and one for big kids – this one!

3. The Velvetine’s Head Wrap by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I’ve been sitting on a stash of Bernat Baby Velvet yarn in beautiful colours. I knew it must be turned into something Valentine’s inspired!! So here we have the Velvetine’s Head Wrap!!

4. Velvet Head Wrap by Rescued Paws Designs

If you have been looking for a quick crochet pattern for velvet yarn then this pattern is it!

This velvet headband works up fast and uses only minimal yarn so you can make quite a bit of this cutie with just one skein of yarn.

5. The Delightful Velvet Headband by Straight Hooked

As a little gift to you, I’d like to share my pattern for the Delightful Velvet Headband. One of the things I’ve been reading on social media is that people get frustrated when the velvet yarn stretches, especially when making items like headbands. My headband pattern includes a hair elastic at the base of the neck and is made intentionally small to allow for the stretch. This headband has been a big seller for me, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

6. Swan Amigurumi by Spin a Yarn Crochet

A while back, I picked up a bunch of velvet yarn on clearance without any particular project in mind. But once I had them all lined up together, the Black and Blissful Greige colours together really started to speak to me and I couldn’t get the image of a fuzzy baby swan out of my head. Have you ever seen a baby swan? They are called cygnets and they are little balls of grey fluff with black beaks. They really don’t resemble fully grown swans all that much. I thought the smooth, luxurious feel and look of the velvet yarn would be perfect to replicate the soft down of a cygnet so I decided to design one!

7. Sleepy Mallow Bunny by CoCo Crochet Lee

Easter is right around the corner, and if you are like me, you’re thinking about how you can make something special for your little ones this year. We have a bunch of yarn in our stashes just begging to be turned into adorable Easter bunnies, just like our friend Sleepy Mallow Bunny here!

Sleepy Mallow Bunny free crochet pattern coco crochet lee

8. Emma-Noel’s Velvet Bear by CoCo Crochet Lee

Sometimes you get your hands on a yarn and the yarn just speaks to you. When I touched Yarnspiration’s new Bernat Velvet yarn, I knew that I had to make something ultra soft, and cuddly. Emma-Noel took one look at it and said that she would love a cuddly bear to snuggle up with in this yarn, so I am thrilled to introduce to you Emma-Noel’s Velvet Bear!

9. Cygnet Amigurumi Pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

This post is Part 2 of 2 of my Swan and Baby Cygnet pattern set. To check out the Momma Swan, check out this post. Also, if you’re interested in hearing the inspiration for these patterns, as well as why I’m kinda, super proud of them, check out the intro to that post as well. As usual, this pattern is made in the same style as my Ragdoll patterns; separate pieces worked in flat rows and then joined together to give them that unique 2-D look. This pattern has just two separate pieces, with no colour-work and no sewing (!!!).

10. The Evie Pullover by Evelyn and Peter

11. The Velvet Crochet Scrunchie by And She Laughs Crochet

I am a 90s kid for sure and I wore a lot of leggings with stir-ups, big sweatshirts, and SCRUNCHIES back in the day! I for one, am happy these looks are coming back! I just think a scrunchie makes a topknot even better!!

As soon as I saw Bernat Velvet yarn I thought it would make an amazing scrunchie. This is a super simple project that you can whip up in an hour! I can’t wait to see yours!

12. The Velvet Headband by Rich Textures Crochet

Once our deep freeze weather starts to subside in my corner of Canada, I like to set aside the full hat and switch to a headband! This year I’m enjoying my new Velvet Headband Crochet Pattern.

When I picked up the Bernat Velvet yarn from Yarnspirations, I will confess, I was itching to try it! I had heard so many mixed reviews of it, but was drawn to the variety of colours and how soft it is!


13. The Aubergine Afghan by A Crocheted Simplicity

The Aubergine Afghan is crocheted with the luxurious Vel-Luxe, chenille yarn. Beginners and seasoned crocheters alike will love that this modern crochet blanket pattern uses simple crochet stitches to create the textured design, making it perfect crochet blanket pattern for those days when you need to sit, crochet and decompress. It’ll quickly become your favorite cozy afghan to crochet and to cuddle up in this winter. It’s also perfect for gift giving!

Aubergine Afghan - Free Crochet Blanket Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity #freecrochetpattern #crochetblanketpattern #crochetafghanpattern #freecrochetblanketpattern #crochet #grannysquareblanket

14. The Velveteen Rabbit Pillow by Desert Blossom Crafts

I love this pillow because it can be a cute decoration for your house, OR a snuggle companion for your kids! The velvet yarn makes it sooo soft and cuddly. 🙂

Velveteen Rabbit Pillow—FREE Easter Crochet Pattern

15. The Roaring 20’s Blanket by Eclaire Makery

Looking for a stunning C2C crochet blanket pattern to add to your home? Then the Roaring 20s blanket is perfect for you! Inspired by the Art Deco designs of the 1920s, this free C2C crochet graphgan pattern is sure to wow. It’s geometric lines, velvet yarn, and simple construction make it an easy yet stunning crochet blanket pattern. It is sure to wow!

16. Majestic Keyhole Scarf by Crochet with Mary Beth

The scarf is worked up with three strands held together, bulky style.  The three strands make it so, so thick and cozy. 

Also, it works up quickly.  Your neck can be warm in just a couple of hours.

Crochet With Mary Beth- Majestic Keyhole Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

17. One Skein Puff Pillow by Stitch in Progress

Pillows are such a fun crochet project to create! They are kind of like painting the walls….a few short hours and voila – a totally different look! This easy Puff Pillow pattern is worked with just one skein of yarn and is so soft and scrumptious, you might not want to put it down.

crochet puff pillow

18. The Lucy Beanie by Meghan Makes Do

Have you jumped on the Velvet Yarn bandwagon yet? I started seeing this new velvet yarn everywhere on Instagram a few months ago and at first I didn’t think I would like it. I’m usually not a fan of those trendy yarns, but then one night on a solo trip to Joann’s I stopped to feel the velvet and it was love at first touch! Seriously, I have never felt a yarn this soft before. I grabbed a skein and couldn’t wait to design something new with it.

The Lucy Beanie-Free Crochet Pattern

19. The Chaos Emerald Scarf by Knot Bad

It can be difficult to find a yarn that hits your neck just right, but Lion Brand has the softest yarn on the skin, and that’s their Vel-luxe yarn! This scarf is perfect for the winter months with its gorgeous drape. Instead of making bobbles, the balls will be made separately, which gives it even more of a dramatic look! And of course, the following touch are the tassels, and a step by step photo tutorial can be found below to make your own!

20. Velvet Headband by Bear Rye

So I gave into the velvet yarn trend and of course had to make a headband. This is my first in a series of velvet patterns.

21. Striped Velvet Cardigan by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

This Striped Velvet Cardigan is a free crochet pattern and was made with Yarnspirations Crushed Velvet Yarn. The pattern is available in sizes XS – 4XL and easily made. It’s ideal even for a beginner.

Striped Velvet Cardigan Crocheted

22. Heart Eyes Sleep Mask by Blackstone Designs

I thought this pattern would be super fun to give to my daughter and it could even be really fun for her to give them out to her first grade friends (heck, it’s even something a high schooler could give out!)

I hope you enjoyed all of these velvet patterns, and maybe found the inspiration for your next crochet project!

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