What to Crochet for Easter

Have you been thinking about what to crochet for Easter this year? Easter is just around the corner, and it being 2020, and us being stuck at home – you might be considering what to crochet for your little ones instead of buying toys.

This is what we’ve been preparing for, crocheters everywhere are looking through their stashes, and coming up with some of the cutest little things! I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite patterns for you, take a peek at some of these Easter cuties!

Sleepy Mallow Bunny free crochet pattern by CoCo Crochet Lee

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1. Mother’s Day Cactus by With Alex

I have always loved little cacti and I thought a crocheted cactus would be really cute. I was right, it turned out super adorable and I’m sharing the pattern with ya’ll today.

2. Crochet Bunny Hair Ties by Briana K

Aren’t these the cutest crochet hair ties? The bunny ears are a fun little accessory to add a little hop in your day. And they fit perfectly around an egg so they can be used for Easter decor as well! 

I can just see some happy girls out there opening up an Easter egg to find this inside. 

3. Fluffy Bunny Crochet Pillow by Briana K

Who is excited about spring to come? Even living in Florida I cannot get enough spring-like days. I love watching the new flowers bloom and plot the many herbs I will plant…and likely kill lol.

So a green thumb does not describe me, yet. I hope to one day really hone in my gardening skills and be able to produce fresh vegetables and herbs.

The Fluffy Bunny Pillow Cover is a great home decor addition for spring, but really could be used all year round. I think it would be really cute in a baby nursery or kid bedroom too.

4. Sleepy Mallow Bunny by CoCo Crochet Lee

Easter is right around the corner, and if you are like me, you’re thinking about how you can make something special for your little ones this year. We have a bunch of yarn in our stashes just begging to be turned into adorable Easter bunnies, just like our friend Sleepy Mallow Bunny here!

5. Hoppy Easter Egg by Another Mum Bites the Dust

I hope you and your family are doing well. I know it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for us all, so I wanted to create something that would bring a little joy into your home. These crochet Easter eggs are easy to make and use very little yarn, so they are perfect for using up that extra yarn that you have in your stash.

This crochet Easter egg trio is perfect to add to your Easter decor, or even to stick into your kids Easter baskets. My kids have loved playing with them, and I love the color they’ve added to my living room decor! And the best part is, you can make them yourself!

6. Ragdoll Spring Bunny by Spin A Yarn Crochet

As promised, we have our third Easter/Spring-themed pattern for you today, and she has stolen our hearts!

Here in NL, Canada we are basically still experiencing the dead of winter (no, really, there was a snowstorm here today…#AprilinCanada). It feels like Spring will never arrive, so creating this sweet Ragdoll Spring Bunny has been a nice reprieve for me. I hope this Ragdoll Spring Bunny will be a cheerful addition to your Spring season, wherever you are!

7. Lee the Chocolate Bunny by Knot Bad

Today I present to you Lee the Chocolate Bunny, in jumbo size! Just look at those floppy ears!

This piece is a tad bit on the larger side, as the length of her is 7 ½ inches and 4 ½ inches tall. This project is made entirely with Lion Brand Yarn, I used Vanna’s Choice for the entirety of this project.

8. Crochet Bow by Noors Knits

I came up with this super easy free crochet bow pattern recently as I was thinking of ways to use up my scrap yarn. It can be intimidating to try a new craft so I want to make it easy for you. I would like you to try this super simple pattern to get used to and fall in love with Tunisian crochet! Similarly, I have a normal crochet version of the bow below if you prefer the simple crochet stitches! This bow can be attached to anything. For example, you can attach it to a hair-tie, headband, or a bow-tie. I decided to turn it into an adjustable bow-tie for Bubs! The double crochet belt makes it easy to adjust to any size!

9. Easy Crochet Bunny by Noors Knits

If you’re looking for easy crochet bunny patterns for beginners, you are in the right place! Meet Bubsy The Bunny!

10. Mini Lamb by Grace and Yarn

I’m super excited to introduce you to Lily the Lamb! She’s just as ready for Spring and florals as I am. Everything around us is starting to bloom and giving a little hint of what’s to come.

With so much time at home it’s just what we needed to brighten things up! If you too are looking for a new project to keep you busy at home I hope Lily brings some joy and comfort.

Her pattern works up quickly with the legs, body and head as one piece. There’s minimal sewing required and she ends up about 8 inches tall. You can also change her features for a super cute boy version.

11. Free Bunny Pattern by Grace and Yarn

When I was brainstorming these two I went looking for a yarn that resembled jean overalls. Lion Brand Jeans yarn was perfect! Plus, really soft to work with. I used Bermuda shorts for the shirt on the girl version and Faded for her overalls. On the boy version I used Stonewash.
I love the different colors they have available! I think I need to make another bunny with the Khaki color!

12. Bunny Head Treat Bags by Blackstone Designs

I just love Easter! I love the pastel colors, egg hunts, and children getting dressed up. I love Bunnies, Chicks and baskets full of candy. I love church service and celebrations. Most of all, I love giving fun little treats to all the kids! And of course, there needs to be a fun treat bag to put the gifts in, right?


13. Beautiful Ducklings by Blackstone Designs

When I first started out as an indie crafter I did custom orders. My business name then was Beautiful Ducklings after my 3 beautiful children. It was during this journey that I found my true passion of designing.

14. Buttons the Bunny by The Loopy Lamb

Welcome to the Buttons the Bunny Crochet Along! Buttons the Bunny is a sweet little amigurumi bunny that my daughter named Buttons. Ironically, Buttons doesn’t have any actual buttons in his pattern but since this was the first thing she hasn’t named Booba or Mister Happy Face, I didn’t have the heart to change his name.

Side view of Buttons the Bunny made with the free crochet along pattern.

15. Bob and Betty Bird by The Loopy Lamb

This week I’d love to introduce you to my new free crochet bird pattern to make my little friends Bob and Betty Bird. This is a quick and easy amigurumi bird pattern that makes two chubby little birds who are ready for spring. They’re all dressed up to celebrate the spring season and make new friends after a long winter away.

Bob and Betty are a pattern that was created with the help of my two young children. I wanted to make a crochet bird pattern for spring and started on a prototype. Once my children saw it, they both wanted one of their own, in their favourite colours. I was happy to oblige and began making them their own birds.

Two amigurumi birds standing in front of clover usa products used in the free crochet pattern

16. Tulip the Bunny by Stitches and Scraps

Tulip the bunny rabbit has come for a visit, just in time for Easter! With a sweet smile and big floppy ears, this fuzzy bunny is sure to delight. Best of all, she works up quickly with relatively few seams.

Tulip the Bunny Rabbit - a free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps

17. Bunny Wall Hanging by Ned and Mimi

I love the bright colors of this cute bunny crochet wall hanging; I think it’s a perfect DIY Easter decor project! This wall hanging is crocheted using the “intarsia” crochet technique, where you use a different “bobbin” of yarn for each block of color.

Bunny Wall Hanging

18. Cottage Garden Crochet Bunny by Jen Hayes Creations

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Patrick and Archie, the Cottage Garden Crochet Bunnies. Patrick and Archie are living their best lives, perfectly at home in the English countryside where they are the best of neighbors and the best of friends.

They’ve known each other for many years and enjoy talking over the fence about the weather and all that is growing in their gardens. From carrots, to cabbage, to potatoes and squash these handsome fellows have grown it all, and more. In fact, the only time their friendship is ever tested is at the County Cottage Fair each year when the vegetable judge comes around.

Crocheted brown and cream bunny wearing a green jacket standing by a grey and cream bunny wearing a blue jacket with yarn, a basket, and crochet carrots in the background.

19. Crochet Carrots by Jen Hayes Creations

Do you like to eat your fruits and veggies? They are honestly some of my favorite foods and definitely a favorite snack choice. In all honesty though, I do like them sliced, diced and ready to eat. I will eat a lot more of them if they are already in this convenient form. That said, since I know myself, I try to maximize the possibility that I’ll eat the good for me foods over the not so good for me choices by 1) Really trying not to have junk food in the house (not having it around makes it easier not to eat it, lol) and 2) Prepping in advance by slicing and dicing all the fun fruits and veggies to last me for several days so that they are ready to grab and much as the need arises.

Now, these carrots won’t help you out with the munchies, but they will add some fun “fiber” goodness to your life, and those who you decide to share them with! Seriously they’re so stinkin cute and easy to make that you’re going to want to make an entire bushel of them!

Crochet Cuisine: Carrot | A Free Pattern by Jen Hayes Creations

20. Easter Bunnys by Cre8tion Crochet

This year I decided to make these sweet little bunny plushes for my youngest daughter. I’ve been working on some little owl plushies (pattern to be released soon) and it got me thinking. Hmmm… can I make an easy and simple Easter Bunny too?Well the answer is yes, and here’s the proof. You don’t have to be proficient at amagarumi to make these adorable little creatures.

They are created by making two simple appliques and stitching them together. I hope you find it as easy as I did!

free easter bunny crochet pattern

21. Carrot Soap Cozy by Eye Love Knots

After sharing my Super Easy Carrot Applique, I have had carrots projects on my brain – ha! Seriously though, I turned my applique into a Garden Marker for my Carrots, have been working on a garland to decorate my planter with, and now, an adorable little carrot inspired bag that is excellent for using as a soap cozy (gift a homemade soap with it!), candy/favor pouch (for the Easter basket, or to give at an Easter party or Bunny themed baby shower!) or as a gift bag (gift with some Spring/Easter themed jewelry!).

22. Crochet Easter Garland by Golden Lucy Crafts

This crochet Easter Bunny Egg garland is very cute and will make a pretty decoration for your home.  It also will make a wonderful DIY Easter gift. Such Easter garland is very fun for kids. My son loves it and he even helped me attach eyes to the Bunnies!  

Crochet Easter garland, Easter bunny garland, crochet Easter bunny eggs, DIY Easter decoration, crochet Easter bunting, free crochet pattern

23. Cute Carrots Crochet Basket pattern by Divine Debris

This week I wanted to return to another Easter inspired design, although you could definitely use this any time of year because carrots aren’t really just Easter designs, right?
I really do how you like this design, it’s a fun and quick basket and who couldn’t use more cute baskets full of candy, lipstick or pens around their home?

Cute Carrots Crochet Basket pattern by DivineDebris.com

I hope you enjoy these free patterns, and have a wonderful and safe Easter this year!

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