Knit Crate and Lion Brand Yarn Unboxing

It’s a new week and a new set of unboxings with CoCo Crochet Lee! This week we have a Knit Crate and a Lion Brand Yarn Unboxing, along with our weekly YouTube Vlog! Take a peek at what I’ve been up to this week! Watch the video, and read more about the week!


This past Friday was a bit of a crazy one for me! I had a few deadlines that I had to meet and Sean was definitely super helpful with home things like laundry and taking care of the kids. I wanted to show you guys my enormous Aloe plant that I received as a gift when Conan was born 8 years ago, and how crazy it’s gotten since then! It’s in the way of my yarn swift, so I think I need a better solution for it to continue to grow! Do you know anything about aloe plants and dividing them up? Let me know in the comments, plant friends!


Monday night after working all day, I ended up getting into one of those moods where everything I saw on social media left me dragging. Do you ever have days like that? Sometimes it seems like no matter how well we’re doing, someone else is doing better. It’s honestly so exhausting to get into that comparison spiral and so if you are feeling that way, just know that you are not alone!

Monday was also the launch of the new Stitch Together Crochet Along! If you haven’t joined us to make the Meraki Cardigan with Guest Host By Stephanie Erin, you can join in here >> STITCH TOGETHER CROCHET ALONG

meraki cardigan stitch together official


On Tuesday in an effort to kind of get myself out of my routine and away from things for a bit, I went with Sean to his University Math Class. It’s neat to step into his world for a little bit and enjoy the things that are important to him. It has a calming affect on me to spend time with him, and see what he’s up to. Plus it was nice to knit a bit there!

Tuesday also saw the launch of my new Briar Rose Blanket Pattern sponsored by WeCrochet! You can find the pattern here >>

Briar Rose Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
Crochet the Briar Rose Baby Blanket


Wednesday night was Wip Wednesday, and it was so amazing to be back with you guys! Thanks for joining me and Emily from Hooked Hazel, it was awesome to chat with everyone! We’ll be doing it again next Wednesday at 730pm EST.


The Unboxings were so much fun! I really loved my Knitcrate yarn this month and if you’re interested in a monthly membership, you can find it here >> KNITCRATE

You may have seen my Thursday announcement for the new Basilisk Baby Blanket Pattern and Lion Brand Yarn Kit! This blanket is so cozy and fun! Find it here >>

Thanks for joining me again this week, a new vlog will be going up weekly on Fridays going forward! If you haven’t subscribed, and liked the video (it definitely helps, thanks!) you can find the YouTube Channel here >> YOUTUBE

Thanks so much for a great week guys! See you on Wednesday!


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