Friends: The One With The Crochet – The Canoe Sweater by Lee Sartori

There are some amazing patterns inside the upcoming ‘Friends: The One With The Crochet’ book! There are amigurumi, and blankets, and also sweaters! Take a peek at one of my designs, The Canoe Sweater, that I made using gorgeous specially dyed yarn from Winnie Jo Fiber Co!

Where to Purchase ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ by Lee Sartori

The ‘Friends: The One With The Crochet’ Book is so special to my heart! You can read all about how it was created and learn more about our upcoming Virtual Book Tour Dates with all of the designers involved here >>

The Pre-Order and Release Date

Before I introduce you to more of ‘Friends: The One With The Crochet’ by Lee Sartori, let me tell you about where you can purchase the book!

-The Pre-Order Campaign has officially begun, and when you purchase your pre-order through the publisher of this book, Insight Editions, you will receive a bonus pattern PDF sent to you as a free gift!

You can also purchase the book on Amazon here >>

The book officially releases on April 25th, 2023, so there is plenty of time to secure your copy with a pre-order.

The Canoe Sweater

When I designed The Canoe Sweater, I wanted to create something that was super iconic to Friends, but also a little bit low-key. I also wanted to do something that was unisex. When I landed on the idea of Joey and Chandler sitting in their canoe in their apartment, my editor and I were super excited! I turned the photo of Joey and Chandler into a colour chart and reached out to yarn dyer Samantha Kamen at Winnie Jo Fiber Co. to see if she would be able to create a colour palette for this project. It turned out so amazing!!

The sweater is ridiculously comfy and cozy, and the colour chart was very fun to follow! I was so lucky to get the chance to work with Samantha on this project! Take a peek at our interview and Samantha’s experience working on the book!

Interviewing Crochet Designer Samantha Kamen

Samantha Kamen is the Yarn Dyer behind Winnie Jo Fiber Co, and the dyer behind the yarn used in the Paddling Away Canoe Sweater!

Here is our interview for our Virtual Book Tour, but before you dive in, be sure to follow Samantha on her social media on Instagram!

1). Can you tell me about how you became part of the Friends Crochet Book, and any experiences/thoughts/feelings you had at joining the book?

I was SO excited to be a part of this book! I have been a huge admirer of Lee’s work for years now, and when I reached out for a potential collab, she could not have been nicer! We thought this book would be the perfect opportunity to work together, and we were right. It has been so amazing!

2). What design did you create custom yarn for the book? Were you excited to take the job on? 

I created 12 colorways for the Canoe Sweater featured in the friends book! It was such a fun challenge to create colors for both Joey and Chandler that spoke to both of their unique personalities while remaining cohesive with the overall image. As a new dyer at the time, I was honored Lee gave me the chance to take on such a big project for her, and I am so proud of the results!

3). How did you approach your custom yarn dye work? Was there anything you found fun or exciting about the crocheting process? 

My kitchen looked like something out of a science fiction movie for about a week! I had jars, beakers, syringes, you name it – all to help create the perfect colorways for Lee’s intricate design. To prevent waste, we decided that since only a small amount of yarn would be needed for each color, that I would dye minis for the design, and save full skeins for the background. That proved a fun challenge, as I was measuring dye stock down to the 0.5 ml with pipettes to get the perfect shades!

4). Are you a fan of the Friends TV Show? What are some of your favourite memories or moments?

Of course! Phoebe is my absolute favorite character, and her Smelly Cat song is pure gold! Every character has their own unique charm, and I love going back and watching reruns.  

5). If you could make any other design from the book, which would you make first? Why?

When I’m not dyeing yarn or knitting sweaters for loved ones who didn’t ask for them, I love making amigurumi! I can’t wait to make a mini Phoebe with her guitar, and maybe finally try my hand at socks with the Friends Socks!

6). Is there anything else you would like to add to your feature? Tips/advice/shout-outs etc. 

If you’re afraid to start a new hobby or craft, don’t be! All you need is patience with yourself and a willingness to learn and you can do anything you set your mind to! I have always loved hand-dyed yarn and grew up crocheting before I finally taught myself how to knit a few years ago. I was working on a project and had the perfect yarn in mind for it. The only problem was, it didn’t exist yet! As a result, WinnieJo Fiber Co. was born. I hope this encourages you to take a chance on yourself and take that next step in whatever journey you’re looking to embark on!

Pattern Support

Because this book will be distributed and sold worldwide, the designers and Author of ‘Friends: The One With The Crochet’ will not be available for the high volume of pattern support questions related to each of the designs inside the book. If you have a pattern question, please do not contact the designers directly, but rather contact the Publishers at – and they will be happy to help you. If needed, the Publishers will contact the designers directly on your behalf. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you so much for your support of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ by Lee Sartori. I am so thrilled that this book is out there for you to enjoy! If you make anything, please tag me on Instagram at @coco.crochet.lee and use the hashtag #friendscrochetbook and #friendstheonewithcrochetbook so we can see your beautiful makes!

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