‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ Book

Can you believe it?? My FOURTH book is being released this April, and I am so incredibly excited!

May I introduce you to ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’, the official crochet pattern book for the Friends Television Series? I am so honoured to have worked on this book and to see it being released is like a dream!

I have a lot of memories of watching Friends on TV with my family. It was one of those shows that drew my busy-lawyer-mom out of her room to come and watch it with us, and it really became a family affair. There were so many great moments and so many happy memories!

Writing the book became entwined with happy memories as well, as my family and I picked up suddenly and moved across Canada from Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia for my husband’s new job. I spent so much time in front of my computer in my new empty living room, sitting on a lawn chair and using the hotspot wifi on my phone to write the manuscript for the book for days on end. So much research and writing went into each page, and it was such a joy to work on. I remember spending hours and hours crocheting sweaters and amigurumi while waiting for my furniture to be shipped to us at our new house. Luckily I had packed all of the design essentials with me in the car for the trip up! This project will forever be a token of that incredible journey, and how life and work continue happening no matter where you are.

Friends:  The One With Crochet Book by Lee Sartori

The Pre-Order and Release Date

Before I introduce you to more of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ by Lee Sartori, let me tell you about where you can purchase the book!

-The Pre-Order Campaign has officially begun, and when you purchase your pre-order through the publisher of this book, Insight Editions, you will receive a bonus pattern PDF sent to you as a free gift!

You can also purchase the book on Amazon here >>

The book officially releases on April 25th, 2023, so there is plenty of time to secure your copy with a pre-order.

Take a peek inside!

Inside of this book, you will find three main chapters!

  • Chapter 1: The One with the Adorable Amigurumi
  • Chapter 2: The One where you can Wear It and Share It
  • Chapter 3: The One with the Homey Housewares & Keepsakes.

Each of the designs has a listing of the yarn and other supplies that you will need, along with a difficulty rating so that you can choose which skill level best fits your new project.

The Projects and the Virtual Book Tour with the Designers!

Ahead of the release of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ we are embarking on a Virtual Book Tour with the Designers and Contributors featured in this book. Friends is a collaborative effort, and with the help of a group of my talented friends, we were able to create 25 patterns for you to enjoy!

Here is a list of our Virtual Book Tour Dates!

  • Fri Feb 24 – Wilma Westenberg – Wilmade – Chandler’s Vest – READ IT NOW
  • Tues Feb 28 – Katy Petersen – KT and the Squid – Pivot Towel, Boho Vest
  • Fri Mar 3 – Colt Tryon – MM_Crochet17 – Sample Crocheter for Rachel’s Blanket by Author Lee Sartori
  • Tues Mar 7 – Valérie Prieur-Côté – Cozy Little Mess – Central Perk Blanket and How You Doin’ Entry Mat
  • Fri Mar 10 – Briana Luppino- thelittlewolfknits – Yarn Dyer for the Door Frame Cardigan by Author Lee Sartori
  • Tues Mar 14 – Rachel Misner – EvelynAndPeter – Rachel’s Apron
  • Fri Mar 17 – Dasiey Womack – Crafty Chingu – Sample Crocheter- The one with the Baby Blanket by Author Lee Sartori
  • Tues Mar 21 – Julie Desjardins – ACCROchet – Friends Socks
  • Fri Mar 24 – Meghan Ballmer – meghanmakesdo – Friends Beanie and Girls Sweater
  • Tues Mar 28 – Corrine Turner – Rin Knits – Joey Man Bag
  • Fri Mar 31 – Laeia Jackson – The Crafty MD – Peep Hole Frame Market Bag
  • Tues Apr 4 – Chrisandra Skipper- And She Laughs – The Chick and the Duck, Holiday Armadillo
  • Fri Apr 7 – Gretchen Bautista – Sample Crocheter for We Were On A Break-runner by Author Lee Sartori
  • Tues Apr 11 – Samantha Kamen – WinnieJo Fiber Co. – Yarn dyer for Canoe Sweater by Author Lee Sartori
  • Fri April 14 – Author Lee Sartori – CoCo Crochet Lee – Amigurumi Friends Dolls and Couch
  • Tues Apr 18 – Jillian Hewitt – Spin a Yarn Crochet – Marcel the Monkey
  • Fri April 21 – April Rongero – xoxotiya – Turkey Mug Cozy
  • Fri April 28 – Emily Davies – Hooked Hazel – Phoebe’s Orange Fuzzy Jacket
  • Tues May 2 – Rohn Strong – Rohn Strong – His and Her Lobster Pillows

Pattern Support

Because this book will be distributed and sold worldwide, the designers and Author of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ will not be available for the high volume of pattern support questions related to each of the designs inside the book. If you have a pattern question, please do not contact the designers directly, but rather contact the Publishers at info@insighteditions.com – and they will be happy to help you. If needed, the Publishers will contact the designers directly on your behalf. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you so much for your support of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ by Lee Sartori. I am so thrilled that this book is out there for you to enjoy! If you make anything, please tag me on Instagram at @coco.crochet.lee and use the hashtag #friendscrochetbook and #friendstheonewithcrochetbook so we can see your beautiful makes!

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