Young Woodworkers Club – Our First Annie’s Kit!

How cool is this! We recently discovered the Young Woodworkers Kit Club for Conan, and he’s so excited! Young Woodworkers Kit Club is a subscription that teaches your child the valuable skills of woodworking. About every 4 weeks, your child will have a real wood project to complete. They’ll get the same sense of satisfaction you get on a DIY project of your own!
I first heard about Annie’s Kit Clubs when I traveled to Utah with my boss from Annie’s for the Snap! Conference. I usually work in the crochet and knit Social Media Department, but I was fascinated listening to my boss tell people about all of the fantastic Kit clubs that Annie’s offers!
When she mentioned that there is a kit that comes for kids, I was totally on board!
We waited excitedly for our first kits to arrive, and Conan went with the Young Woodworkers for himself. The kit is comprised of all of the tools you need to build a project, with detailed instructions to help you along the way.
Now, Conan is 7 years old, and is VERY tech savvy. But when it comes to more hands on things, he needed a little bit of help.
We started off by opening up the package and checking out the cool tools, Conan was super excited to receive his very own hammer!
We are planning to get him a tool box to keep any tools he receives in his kits going forward because this guy loses EVERYTHING.
Next step: learn how to hammer! We followed the instructions together and he had a lot of fun putting everything together!
It was a little bit tough to keep his attention focused on the project for the whole construction part, we were building a speed racer with quite a few parts! But we got through it, and he was thrilled when it started to look like something he could recognize.
Then we got to his favourite part, THE PAINTING! Yes! This kit came with all of the tools and supplies you needed to paint your wooden racer, and this was the part that Conan lived for. He couldn’t wait to paint his car in red and yellow!
Okay, SO, this is where we kind of cheated. The instructions said to paint the pieces before you put them all together, and that makes sense because that way you can get all of the edges done nicely. But this mama was in a bit of a hurry and I wanted to move on to grocery shopping with a finished car sooner than letting the paint dry and assembling the whole thing. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? Conan didn’t mind at all, it actually gave him a visual for what he wanted to paint in what colour! So, cheat for the win!!
After adding his stickers (also included!) and finally the elastic band which made the car propel forward, he was ready to give it a go at home on the front porch!
We had a lot of fun with this kit, and Conan is super excited at the idea that he’s going to get mail every month with something fun to do. It’s also great for me because summer is approaching and I know we’ll get at least two kits arriving within those long summer months!
Conan is also super pumped about filling up his tool box with cool tools that he can use for other projects around the house! Need something hammered? Just call him, and he’s ready to help! (He thinks he’s an expert now).
The Young Woodworkers Kit is delivered monthly and costs $19.99 plus $5.95 postage & processing ($6.95 in Canada) , totally worth it! You can read more about everything that is included, and pricing information here >> YOUNG WOODWORKERS KIT CLUB
Now that this project is done, Conan is happily playing with his new car, and I have more time to crochet, so we’re all happy!
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