WIP Wednesday Live Returns

WIP Wednesday Live is returning to CoCo Crochet Lee on Facebook! It’s time to grab your crochet or knitting and cozy up for a lovely chat with friends every Wednesday evening for a fun live chat!

Lee Sartori  - CoCo Crochet Lee

What is WIP Wednesday Live?

WIP Wednesday Live is a weekly live chat that takes place on the CoCo Crochet Lee Facebook Page! We have been doing this weekly live chat for a few years now. WIP Wednesday took a hiatus while host, Lee Sartori of CoCo Crochet Lee, took a break to move with her family across Canada this year from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

Every Wednesday evening, crochet and knitting friends gather up their current WIP (work in progress), a drink, some snacks, and anything cozy that they need, and we all chat! There are unboxings, new patterns, exciting news, and just general yarny-fun. We have a lot of laughs!! You’ll also get to know the regular friends that join in the live conversations each week!

How to Join the Live

WIP Wednesday Live starts at 8 pm Atlantic Standard Time on Wednesdays on the CoCo Crochet Lee Facebook Page. In order to join in the conversation, all you have to do is load up the Facebook page and wait for the live to pop up on the feed. Once you see the post, you can click it to join in the live!

You can participate in the live by using the comments bar. Say hi, tell us all what you are working on for the week, and share in the conversation in real time!

You can also send Facebook Stars during the live video to help extend the live chats by 1/2 hour! For every 5000 Stars sent during the Live, the video will extend by 1/2 hour. Sending stars is optional and appreciated! Stars help the creator with funds for pattern design, prizes, and more! Sending Stars helps to make our Wip Wednesday lives fun and exciting each and every week!

Although photos of your crochet can’t be shared in the comments during the live video, you can join our Facebook Group to share photos and updates of your crochet along with everyone else! The CoCo Crochet Lee Community Group is open to joining so that you can see what everyone is up to. You’ll also get lots of great updates about WIP Wednesday Live, and everything going on for CoCo Crochet Lee.

The WIP Wednesday Crochet Along

Each month for Wip Wednesday, we work on a free crochet-along project together! We’ve done sweaters, blankets, and so many other awesome projects together! And this month will begin a brand new crochet along that you can participate in! The details will be released during the first live video on October 5th at 8 pm AST so be sure to listen in!

The crochet along offers the chance to create something together as a group, enjoy the process, and win great prizes! We can’t wait to see what you create!

See you Wednesday night for WIP Wednesday!

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