Traveling Afghans – My Work in Progress

Lion Brand Yarn has released it’s Traveling Afghans project, and I am so excited to be a part of it as both a designer, and as a yarn enthusiast myself! I’ve decided to make an afghan along with each release of a new square in the pattern, and so far, it’s shaping up to be such a beautiful project!

The Patterns
You can find the traveling afghans in both a crochet and a knit pattern, and for my purposes, I am doing a combination of both! Each time a new square is released, I go with my heart and choose whether to work up the knit square, or the crochet square. It makes it really exciting to see what the squares will be each week!

To find the Crochet Afghan, start here >> GET THE CROCHET KIT

To find the Knit Afghan, start here >> GET THE KNIT KIT

Square One:

For square number one designed by Alexi from Two of Wands, I decided to go with the Crochet Verison. I love the square so much, and had a lot of fun making it in Lion Brand Wool Ease Yarn.

You can read more about the square here >>

To find the Crochet Afghan, start here >> Get the crochet kit

Traveling Afhans Lion Brand Yarn Square One Crochet Pattern

Square Number Two:

When Square Number Two came out, I was really excited to switch it up and try a bit of knitting this time! This knit square was designed by Nomad Stitches, and represents her family. It was super fun to knit, and the stitches definitely kept it interesting the entire time. This square requires some pretty good blocking (as most do) so I was very excited to block it and set it out flat.

You can read more about this particular square here >>

Get the Lion Brand Knit Kit here >> Traveling Afghan Knit

Traveling Afghans Lion Brand Yarn Knit Afghan

Square Number 3:

Did I go with crochet, or knitting? You guessed it, I went back to crochet this time! The third square in the Traveling Afghan for Crochet was made by my lovely friend Wilma Westenburg. She created a beautiful square inspired by Holland, where she lives. Isn’t it beautiful? I could totally see making an entire blanket of this square.

Read more about Wilma’s square here >>

To find the Crochet Afghan, start here >> Get the crochet kit

Traveling Afghan Lion Brand Yarn Crochet pattern

That’s it for now, but I will continue to share my squares with you as they come up, and I hope to see yours as well!

Happy Crocheting and Knitting


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  1. Did you design a square #6 for the Traveling Afghan. According to the list there should have been from you

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