Traveling Afghan Crochet Square 6

This crochet square is part of the Traveling Afghan Project hosted by Lion Brand Yarn, and I am so excited to bring you Square 6!
I loved designing this square because making it takes me back to my Grandma’s kitchen, right to her round wooden table. It always has a beautiful circular table cloth covered by a thick layer of glass, and I love when my Grandma changes it up for the seasons. The poinsettia table cloth has been replaced by one with lovely purple violets now, but I designed this square because the winter poinsettia really sticks out for me as something she has on her table, and makes me happy.

I’ve named this square the ‘Gladstone Square’ because that’s the name of the street my Grandmother lives on, and where we visit every weekend. I hope you love the square as much as I do!

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There are a few ways to enjoy the Gladstone Square:

About the Traveling Crochet Afghan project

The Traveling Afghan Project is a crochet-along sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn which runs from January 2020 till December 2020. The blanket travels to a new designer every two weeks who will add a 10″x10″ square before sending it off to the next person. In total 49 designers from 7 different countries are participating.

All patterns will be available for free on our blogs so you can follow along and create your own crochet afghan. For your convenience you can also purchase a kit with all the yarn you’ll need to make the entire blanket. Read more about this project on this page.

About Me

Lee Sartori is the crochet designer behind CoCo Crochet Lee. Lee can be seen as a guest host on Season 9,10, and 11 of the popular PBS Show Knit and Crochet Now, as well as a cast member of Annie’s Creative Studio where she demonstrates fun crochet skills and patterns. Lee’s passion is designing modern, wearable garments, and adorable amigurumi. Lee lives in Ontario, Canada with her two small children, her amazing husband, and her adorable bunny Neville. Her favorite social platform is Instagram, where she posts fun, and whimsical takes on crochet.

Here’s the pattern, I hope you enjoy it!!


Lion Brand Yarn Wool Ease (197 yds/85g): 128yds/55g makes 1 square


US Size J/10 (6mm) crochet hook, yarn needle, scissors 

Finished Measurements

10 x 10”

First 5 rounds should equal 4” x 4”

Special Stitches

4-dc cluster (4 double crochet cluster) = [yo, insert hook into indicated st, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook] x 4, yo and pull through remaining 5 loops. 

Fpdc2tog (front post double crochet 2 together) = [yo, insert hook around next post, yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through 2 loops] twice, yo and draw through remaining loops. 

Fpdc3tog (front post double crochet 3 together) = [yo, insert hook around next post, yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through 2 loops] x 3, yo and draw through remaining loops


  1. Beginning ch does not count as a st unless otherwise indicated. 
  2. Rounds 10-13 begin with a hdc between next 2 sts, be sure to hdc between the starting ch and the next st, do not skip a st. 


Round 1:  Ch 4 (counts as a st), 7dc in 4th ch from hook, join to top of 1st st–8 dc. 

Round 2:  Ch 3 (counts as a st), fpdc around same st, 2 fpdc around, join to 1st st–16 dc. 

Round 3:  Ch 3 (counts as a st here and throughout), fpdc around same st, fpdc around next st, *2fpdc around next st, fpdc around next st; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–24 dc. 

Round 4:  Ch 2, *bphdc 3, 4-dc Cluster between next 2 sts; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–32 sts. 

Round 5:  Ch 2, *bphdc 3, 2fpdc around Cluster; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–40 sts. 

Round 6:  Ch 2, *bphdc 3, fpdc around fpdc, hdc between fpdcs, fpdc around next fpdc; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–48 sts.

Round 7:  Ch 2, *bphdc 3, fpdc around next fpdc, 2fpdc around next hdc, fpdc around next fpdc; repeat from * around, join–56 sts. 

Round 8:  Ch 2, *bphdc 3, fpdc 2, hdc between next 2 sts, fpdc 2; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–64 sts. 

Round 9:  Ch 2, *bphdc 3, fpdc 2, 2fpdc around hdc, fpdc 2; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–72 sts. 

Round 10:  Ch 2, *hdc between next 2 sts, bphdc 3, fpdc 6; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–80 sts. 

Round 11:  Ch 2, *hdc between next 2 sts, bphdc 4, hdc between next 2 sts, fpdc 2, fpdc2tog, fpdc 2; repeat from * around, join–88 sts. 

Round 12:  Ch 2, *hdc between next 2 sts, bphdc 6, hdc between next 2 sts, fpdc2tog, fpdc, fpdc2tog, hdc between next 2 sts, bphdc 3, ch 2 (corner made), bphdc 3, hdc between next 2 sts, fpdc2tog, fpdc, fpdc2tog ; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–84 sts, 4 ch-2 spaces. 

Round 13:  Ch 2, *hdc between next 2 sts, bphdc 8, hpdc between next 2 sts, fpdc3tog, hdc between next 2 sts, bphdc 4, (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in ch-2 space, bphdc 4, hdc between next 2 sts, fpdc3tog; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–104 sts

Round 14:  Ch 1, *sc 10, fpsc around fpdc, hdc 7, (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in ch-2 space, hdc 7, fpsc around fpdc;  repeat from * around, join to 1st st–120 sts. 

Round 15:  Ch 2, dc 20, *(2dc, ch 2 2dc) in ch-2 space, dc 30; repeat around until last 10, dc 10, join to 1st st–136 sts. 

Fasten off, weave in ends. 


Wet or steam block to finished measurements. 

Thanks so much for making the Gladstone Square! Happy Crocheting!

Sharing some beautiful Squares that have been posted on Instagram! Thanks for sharing these with me everyone!

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93 thoughts on “Traveling Afghan Crochet Square 6

  1. My stitch count is totally off by round 5 – I am completely confused & have ripped it out several times already. I’m starting to get frustrated. Thank you all for your clarifications… I’m VERY late to this party. *sigh*

        1. I know many people seem frustrated, a tutorial makes it easier for sure, but this challenges us all to persevere.
          I am grateful for all the help you gave many here. I just could not not make this one, it is such a favorite of mine and I know I will be making many more.
          Bless you

      1. Thank you so much, you are quite an amazing designer.
        I have to confess, I was completely challenged at first.. But I am stubborn and would not give up😊 and I am so thankful I didn’t.. Once you get it, it’s quite easy to follow. And every row made me excited to see that stage.
        Although I had changed the last two rows so it would be 10X1p but could have beenmy gauge.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing pattern! It was challenging, and I had to backtrack several times, but once it clicked, it all fell into place! I LOVE how this turned out, and I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it and finishing it. Thank you so much!

  3. Just finished this sqpare; haven’t blocked it yet. THANK YOU all for your comments and clarifications in the Comments section. I was able to get through it without having to backtrack for more than a beginning of a row, as your pioneering helped me anticipate the confusing sections! It is a beautiful, but complicated, square; I look forward to blocking it with the others in this row.

  4. Hello! Such a lovely square, my favorite so far for sure 🙂 I love the sentiment behind it too. I noticed you in the designer sketchbook section of Crochet Now mag- your stuff is so gorgeous. I also design regularly for that magazine. 😊I’m now based in NY but I’m from the U.K. but I find it difficult to get the magazine over here. I resort to pocket mags and read it on screen! Thank you for the lovely cal, bringing lots of comfort in the crazy times right now. Ashley @loveandloop

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Ashley! I haven’t seen the magazine yet, but I’m very honored and excited to be featured! Happy crocheting, and stay safe in NY 🥰

  5. I need help with round 9.
    Round 9 reads: fpdc 2, 2fpdc around hdc, fpdc 2;

    Do I read this correctly that only one HDC gets 2 fpdc because I have 2 hds’s from round 8

    1. Hey there! Round 8 only has 1 hdc in between the fpdcs, so when you go to do Round 9, you are doing 2 fpdc around the 1 hdc. I hope that helps!

  6. Thanks for the great pattern. This was a challenging square, but I followed the directions exactly and with the clarifications in the other comments, it turned out perfect. The back side is pretty also, in a “modern” kind of way.
    Suggestions: stick with it! Refer to the picture (zoom in) when you are unsure of the FP placements and all.
    Mine did turn out a bit larger than I wanted as it expanded with blocking when pulling it square – so if you have not started this square yet, maybe go down a needle size? It does stay kind of tight and balled up until you start adding the hdc in between the petals.

      1. I just worked it again, this time using an H/5.0mm hook and it turned out just a little over !0″x10″. If I were going to do it again, I would use a G hook to allow for blocking.

  7. I’m working on row 10. Can you please verify the stitch count and stitches. If you count 2 hdc, 3 bphdc and 6 fpdc total count 11 stitches. You can only repeat it 7 times total stitch count 77 with 3 Unworked stitches. Is this correct or was there a change in stitch count

  8. I’m not having trouble following the pattern. I love your finished product. My problem is it’s not laying flat. I’m doing it a second time because I totally misread and did blhdc instead of bphdc. I’ve tried to keep my stitches loose put it’s really pulling tight and trying to form a ball almost. Is it supposed to do that? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hey there! It might curl a bit, but blocking your square by steaming it, or getting it damp and pinning it down to dry will really make it lay flat.

  9. This is a challenging square for me. It’s so interesting and fun. on Row 5 does the 2fpdc around the Cluster go around the same post as the bphdc or the double crochets in the cluster?

  10. I see you’ve done You Tube on other projects per your home page. PLEASE do one for this square even though it would come “late”.

    1. Hey there Carol. As I’ve already said, there will not be a YouTube video for this square. Thanks for checking out my YouTube channel, as you can see by looking at it, it contains zero tutorials. Some designers choose to make tutorials and some don’t. Enjoy the free pattern.

  11. I’m on row 5 and am not clear on how to 2fpdc around the cluster- which post are you crocheting around on the cluster?

  12. I love the square and haven’t had no issues until now. I’m having trouble with round 10. Can you please explain in more detail? Especially the first stitch of the round. Thank you.

    1. Round 10:  Ch 2 (this doesn’t count as a stitch, it’s just for height), *hdc between next 2 sts (this refers to hdc-ing in between the starting chain and the next st – there’s a note about this in the notes section), bphdc 3 (1 bphdc around each of the next 3 sts), fpdc 6; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–80 sts. 

        1. I didn’t get it either, Keri. I’m an experienced crocheter. You are not alone. The only thing that I can think of is that my stitch count is wrong on Row 9. That’s my next thing to check. If that’s not it, I’ll have a decision to make.

        2. Don’t give up it’s quite pretty when you get it. The hex is between the ch 2 and the first stitch thus adding another stitch.

  13. I wish I knew. I’m sure this is the next generation of written instructions, but it stumped me last night. I don’t know it means you do it three times, three times around the same post, or three times in a row, or?

    1. This was to post under another question. What does BPHDC “3” … I know how to do a BPHCD but does it mean to do it three times. All around the same post or in each next three stitches? I’m just not clear. (Sorry for goobering up your Q&A area)

  14. I have tried several times to understand the pattern and am finding it quite difficult for me. My concentration might not be as good as the younger crochers, so am going to have to pass on this one….sorry, it is so beautiful.
    I’m 77 yrs old so am blaming it on my age, not the pattern!

    1. It’s certainly a challenging pattern. I mostly prefer to read pattern vice video tutorial. I had to frog several times before I finally understood the pattern. I’d hate to see you not try this. Where are you stumped? How can I help?

  15. I am confused on row 6 and 7
    Round 6: ….hdc between fpdcs (would there be a total of 3 hdc between these fdpc)

    Round 7: … fpdc around next fpdc, 2fpdc around next hdc, fpdc around next fpdc (there are 5 stitches in this area if I understand row 6 but only 4 stitches worked)….

    1. Hey there! Only 1 hdc between the fpdcs (so it will be 3 sts, a fpdc, a hdc in between, and another fpdc).

      For the next round, you’ll see 3 sts. You fpdc around the 1st fpdc, 2fpdc around the hdc, then fpdc around the next fpdc. There will be 4 sts now.

  16. Still wondering what is the preferred method to attach the squares. I see as the designers get the Afghan the squares are attached- would love some direction

  17. Thank you for this great square. I am enjoying the Travelling Afghan making! I do have a question for you on one of the rows. Round 7 has me confused. I can follow up to

    – 2fpdc around next hdc, I get how to do this but it seems like then I skip stitches in order to get to the next instruction which is- fpdc around next fpdc; and I am not sure how I would get the 8 stitch increase if I am skipping stitches and it leaves a hole and doesn’t look like yours. I know how to do the stitches asked for just don’t know how to end up with 8 more stitches.

    Round 7: Ch 2, *bphdc 3, fpdc around next fpdc, 2fpdc around next hdc, fpdc around next fpdc; repeat from * around, join–56 sts

    1. Actually I think I made a mistake on row 6 and that is why row 7 didnt work for me. Working on it now.

  18. Round 12 – I’m having trouble…Repeating from the Asterix has me skipping a whole flower petal after making the corner and keeps throwing my pattern off . Sorry, I’m learning as I go with these squares, which I’m loving but I’m out of my league on this one! Thanks, and it’s such a beautiful square!

  19. Hi, as soon as I seen your square #6, I said, “Oh how beautiful!” I was so excited to do it that I got started on it right away! Thank you for this beautiful addition to our traveling afghan.

    Right now I’m on row 6 and having trouble with understanding how many half double crochets between front post half double crochets. Would you please explain row 6 to me a little more.

    1. Hey there! For Round 6: Ch 2 – this isn’t a stitch, it’s just for height – *bphdc around each of the next 3 sts, fpdc around fpdc, hdc just once in between fpdcs, fpdc around next fpdc; repeat from * around, join to 1st st–48 sts.

  20. I’ve just started the Gladstone Square. It’s gorgeous, but I found the instructions for round 4 to be confusing. The way I did it is as follows:

    1. 2 ch — these do NOT count as a stitch, they are just for height
    2. The first bphdc is made around the same stitch as the stitch that was joined into, to close round 3. 2 more bphdc after that into the next 2 stitches.
    3. The 4dc cluster is made into the space between the last stitch that has a bphdc, and the next stitch which is unworked so far.
    4. The next bphdc is made around the same unworked stitch mentioned in step 3, right next to the space that the cluster is worked in. 2 more bphdc after that, then another cluster, andso forth all the way around.
    5. The join at the end of the round is worked into the first hdc, not the second stitch of the ch2.

    Did I figure it out correctly?

  21. Any chance you could provide pictures/videos or recommended tutorials for the more complex stitches you used in this? If not yours, others? I’m still a beginner and these complex ones look super intimidating.

  22. Sorry, also the asterisk in row 12, is it in the correct spot? When I finish the first set, I’m at a petal ready to fpdc2tog, fpdc, fpdc2tog.

      1. It’s not a problem of missing an hdc.

        section starts with hdc, bphdc, hdc into the decrease on the petal and then the bphdc corner part ending with an hdc. The asterisk would indicate that I should start again with hdc, bphdc, etc, except, I’m at a petal to descrease. Seems the instructions should end maybe with a second petal decrease and then start over with the asterisk where it is. Something is not exactly right. I think.

  23. Hi, sorry but Round 4 has me stumped. I have 24 sts on round 3 but can’t for the life of me get just 32 sts for round 4. Do you have a video demo so for those of us who are visual? It would be helpful. Thank you!

    1. Hey there! Each round grows by 8 sts in the beginning, so you’ll be back post half double crocheting (bphdc) around each of the next 3 sts, and then doing the special st between the next 2 sts to increase.

        1. Hi!
          Love the end result, but I am having trouble with row 10…

          1. Does the first HDC count a stitch?
          2. And when I follow the instruction I am ending up with 73 stitches in stead of 80… is that because the HDC missing in the middle?


  24. This square is beautiful. I am wondering if you can add a few pictures or video that demonstrates some of the more complex rows (ex. Rows 6 – 8)?

  25. I think I finally have row 4 figured out. A video of it all would still be helpful for many, I think. And hello from Kingsville in SW Ontario!

    1. So glad to hear you’re working on this! I’m happy to answer specific questions, but I don’t have YouTube tutorials at this time.

  26. Would it be possible to have a small video tutorial to make it easier for us who have trouble reading patterns? Thanks in advance

  27. I thought all of the traveling afghan squares were designed for a J/6 mm hook. What adjustments do you suggest to make gauge?

    1. Hello, thank you for the lovely pattern. Can you expand on what you mean in row 12 by:

      4 ch-2 spaces

      Thank you!

      1. Hey there! For this round, you will end up with 4 different ch-2 spaces that will become the corners.

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