This Crochet Artist Makes the Most Amazing Wearable Art out of Yarn

Crocheter Ivy Rutherford is no ordinary crocheter. She turns yarn into wearable works of art!
When I first started seeing these pieces, I’m pretty sure that my jaw dropped directly onto the floor! And the kicker? Ms Rutherford does these pieces just for fun. She goes where inspiration takes her, and doesn’t look back. Have you ever seen anything like this??
At some point in my crochet career, I’m sure I’ve never looked at my orange yarn and thought, ‘you know what, Lee? You need to make a wickedly cool sweater with a tiger on it creeping in the shadows. Oh and you should also make a sweater with a majestic portrait with flowing curly hair on it.’ Why? Because I’m just not as cool as this talented artist.
I mean. Come on. Are you flipping kidding me? This is amazing. I can’t even. I can barely wrap my brain around how Ms Rutherford even did this. HOW.
Ms Rutherford works in a certain way, which is fascinating in itself. She uses her scrap yarn, and crochets shapes and pieces as they come to her. Then she heads over to her paper pattern template, and fits everything together into a wearable piece of art!
Are you seeing this? A circus inspiration complete with elephant holding balloons in his trunk. Ms Rutherford is the real-life Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, and we’re totally here for it.
This just doesn’t end people. It keeps going. And it’s fabulous. The two on the right here are inspired by children’s sidewalk chalk drawings. I love the alien ship!
Not only is Ms Rutherford super talented, but she’s also seemingly very prolific in her art! She has so many pieces to wear, I’d be set all winter long.
I have a few sweaters that family members have made over the years and I kid you not, I would trade them all in a second to get my hands on a few of these gems. This seascape one is just…..oh my god. It’s just amazing. And awesome. It’s amazingly awesome.
Care for a walk in the dog park, anyone? It looks like an amazingly happy place, and I need a ticket there asap. Look at all those good boys living their best doggo lives!!
Every single one of these creations is just singing with whimsy and happiness. How could you not be happy wearing this sweater, am I right? I’ve always dreamed of living in a neighborhood like this. It looks like it would house people who really love cookies, and star gazing. My kind of people.
What’s going on in this absolutely incredible scene? Well, I’m taking in that adorable rafting bear, drinking a pint while wearing sunglasses. I have no other questions. No explanation needed.
I just….I just can’t. Look how flipping amazing this is. Look at their faces!!! How am I jealous of a crochet couple right now, they look so in love!
I’ve never been on a desert oasis trip. But Ms Rutherford is taking me there.
And on to a beautiful hayride through some gorgeous fields. Aren’t the colours amazing??
We’re off to the ocean. There’s so much to see! I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful artwork as much as I did! Keep your eye out for Ms Rutherford’s work in your favourite crochet groups, because I bet she has even more gorgeous work coming soon!
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2 thoughts on “This Crochet Artist Makes the Most Amazing Wearable Art out of Yarn

  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! I just LOVE that I found your site/ blog!!! You’re so talented & I can’t wait to make so many of your sweaters!!! AND THANK YOU for sharing Ivy Rutherford’s amazing talent- just gorgeous and I’m stunned that she can create those scenes on clothing w/ yarn ❗️🧶

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