The Gem Tones Crochet Pullover

I am so incredibly excited to present my newest crochet pattern, the Gem Tones Crochet Pullover designed with Lion Brand yarn! Take a peek at this design, and grab the pattern to make one of your own using Shawl in a Cake, and Sock Ease yarn.
This design came about in such a strange way. First of all, I received several balls of Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake from my friends at Lion Brand and I was very excited to use it!
I tried out a few different things with the yarn, it’s very vibrant as has a bit of fuzz to it. I made a motif out of it with a blanket in mind, but I didn’t really enjoy the way it looked very much. I deconstructed one of the cakes and made even smaller motifs in hopes of making a motif top that had a colour fade to it, but it just looked strange.
I honestly had to put the yarn on a time out for a little while because I just couldn’t get it to do what I wanted. Then I started musing with the idea of pairing it with a neutral yarn of an equal weight, and FINALLY! Ideas were starting to come together.
Originally this design was going to be made in panels with the shawl yarn peeking through in delicate ribs all over the sweater. But then I thought that the colour changes wouldn’t be as controlled that way, the sleeves could both end up being different. In the end, I opted for a top-down pullover with the colours peeking through on the neckline. This ended up being perfect! The colour changes in the yarn matched the pattern, and everything faded so smoothly on the Yoke of the pullover.
As I shared my progress on Instagram, I became more and more encouraged that waiting for the perfect idea was the best solution to my dilemma! Sometimes the yarn speaks to us right away and we know just want it needs to be, other times we have to put it on a time-out and mull it over for a while.
I’m thrilled to tell you that this design is crochet (not knit!) and that the sizes are available from extra small (shown here) to 2x. This pullover also has 2″ of positive ease, so it’s nice and roomy. Since it is crocheted top-down, you can make the body as long as you need, and the same goes for the sleeves! I have very long arms, so having a sleeve long enough for me is so wonderful.
I also wanted to mention the lack of sewing in this pattern, there is NONE! No seams, no sewing, no worries. I hope you’re as excited as I am about that part!
I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do and if you make one, please tag #cococrochetlee and #gemtonespullover so I can see your beautiful work!
Before you go, please use coupon code ‘GEMTONESBLOG’ to receive 20% off of the pattern on Ravelry! And of course, happy crocheting!
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