The Deetra Basket – Free Crochet Pattern

The Deetra basket came about with a fun collaboration using Fox Yarn T-Shirt Yarn, and I’m so in love with the result! This generously sized basket is perfect for storage, and is sturdy enough to hold it’s own!
Experienced Beginner.
Fox Yarn T-Shirt Yarn (700g/ 153yds): 1 skein each
(A) Stone Gray
(B) Jigglypuff
US Size K/10.5 (6.5mm) crochet hook, large yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker.
Ch = chain
Dc = double crochet
Sc = single crochet
BLO = back loop only
Sc2tog = single crochet two together.
Special Stitches
Cluster = [insert hook into indicated st, yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through one loop] twice, yo and draw through 3 remaining loops.
Crab St = reverse single crochet.
44” round, 13” high.
9 sc x 9 rows = 4”
Work in continuous rounds unless otherwise indicated.
Ch 1 does not count as a st.
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With A, make a magic loop.
Round 1: Ch 1, 6 sc in loop–6 sc.
Round 2: 2 sc in each st around–12 sc.
Round 3: [2 sc, sc in next st] around–18 sc.
Round 4: [2 sc, sc 2] around–24 sc.
Round 5: [2 sc, sc 3] around–30 sc.
Round 6: [2 sc, sc 4] around–36 sc.
Round 7: [2 sc, sc 5] around–42 sc.
Round 8: [2 sc, sc 6] around–48 sc.
Round 9: [2 sc, sc 7] around–54 sc.
Round 10: [2 sc, sc 8] around–60 sc.
Round 11: [2 sc, sc 9] around–66 sc.
Round 12: [2 sc, sc 10] around–72 sc.
Round 13: [2 sc, sc 11] around–78 sc.
Round 14: [2 sc, sc 12] around–84 sc.
Round 15: [2 sc, sc 13] around–90 sc.
Round 16: Dc in each st around, join–90 dc.
Round 17: Ch 1, working in BLO [cluster ,skip next st] around, join–45 clusters.
Round 18: Ch 1, cluster in each cluster around, join–45 clusters.
Rounds 19-27: Repeat Round 18.
Change to B.
Round 28: Ch 1, [sc 13, sc2tog] around–84 sc.
Round 29: Sc around–84 sc.
Round 30: [sc 12, sc2tog] around–78 sc.
Round 31: Sc around–78 sc.
Round 32: [sc 11, sc2tog] around–72 sc.
Round 33: Sc around–72 sc.
Round 34: [sc 10, sc2tog] around–66 sc.
Round 35: [sc 9, sc2tog] around, join–60 sc.
Round 36: Ch 1, crab st around, join.
Fasten off,weave in ends.
Cut 20 pieces of B approximately 18” long. Tie a long piece of B around center of bundle. Fold bundle in half, and tie a long piece of B around about 2” from top. Attach tassel to side of basket.
I hope you enjoy making your own Deetra Basket! Be sure to share your photos on Instagram and tag me @coco.crochet.lee along with #cococrochetlee <3
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4 thoughts on “The Deetra Basket – Free Crochet Pattern

  1. Is there an error on row 17? Says cluster and skip next stitch. Should that be sc or dc or chain 1? If you skip it you have a count of 45 not 90.

    1. Hey there! I’m not sure I understand your question, the Stitch count for round 17 says 45 clusters, not 90. ☺️

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