The Crochet Crowd Book – A Book Review

It’s no shocking fact, but I LOVE crochet books and knitting books. I love discovering them, flipping through them, collecting them, and visiting them like old friends. So it was such a pleasure when a copy of The Crochet Crowd by Michael Sellick and Daniel Zondervan landed in my mailbox one day, sent by the lovely people at Macintyre Purcell Publishing. 

Where To Get the Crochet Crowd Book

The Crochet Crowd Book - review by CoCo Crochet Lee

You can find The Crochet Crowd Book whereever books are sold or by visiting Amazon here >>

The First Impressions

This book is FUN. Like, so joyful. You can feel the cheer and enthusiasm as soon as you crack the spine and begin turning the pages. The Crochet Crowd Book is colourful, delightful, and full of positive energy. The book is broken up into chapters, beginning with the stories of the people who made The Crochet Crowd a fiber arts destination for so many crocheters. Starting with the story of how Michael Sellick (Mikey) came into the world of crochet by following his dreams (and the enchanted musings of Oprah Winfrey!), and also how his partner Daniel Zondervan (Diva Dan) joined his journey and helped bring their big ideas to life. A dream team in crochet like this pair is hard to come by! 

The Patterns

The patterns in The Crochet Crowd are beautiful. They embody everything that their incredible social media following has grown to expect from the duo. And I love that Mikey and Diva Dan included some of their designer friends to join the fun and contribute designs as well! One of the show-stoppers for the patterns in the book is the Study of the Journey Afghan. A mandala pops in the center, and is then surrounded and squared by beautiful crochet stitches and textures. The patterns include the written instructions, as well as helpful charts that let you see exactly where the crochet stitches are meant to fall into place. Another 14 beautiful crochet patterns await you in the book, from baby blankets to placemats. There is definitely something for everyone! 

Final Thoughts

As an avid crocheter and designer, I am left feeling like this book is the equivalent to a warm hug from friends. I’m so happy to see Mikey and Diva Dan share their vibrant selves with the world, and invite everyone to join their crowd. 

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