Lee Can’t Ski Beanie and Slouch Crochet Pattern

It’s a new month, and that means it’s the start of a brand new crochet along from Stitch Together Official!!
This month I am honored to be the host, with my brand new crochet pattern, the “Lee Can’t Ski’ Double Brimmed Beanie and Slouch!
I made this pattern using yarn from Lion Brand Yarn, and poms from Sierra’s Crafty Creations, and I am in love you guys!!
When it was my turn to decide what kind of pattern to do for the month of November, I just so happened to be in Tennessee hanging out with Sierra from Sierra’s Crafty Creations at her Maker’s Retreat! Sierra makes these incredible Pom Poms, and when I held one, I just knew that I needed to design a pattern that used them.
That led me to choosing a yarn! I have been using Lion Brand Stitch Basic Yarn for soooo many designs lately, it’s been my go-to! Especially this Mustardy Brown color, it’s one of my favorites! Pair that with the pop of blue from Sierra’s pom pom, and bam! The Lee Can’t Ski hat was born!
This hat is made with a double brim, which means the brim is twice as thick for added warmth! I love the look of a double brimmed hat so much, and I was dying to try it out!
I live in Ontario, Canada, and it gets really cold here. I wanted a hat that would keep me warm!
One of the other things I wanted to offer was the option to make a beanie or a slouch! Mostly because I wanted both myself 😀
It’s so hard to choose, really.
This pattern comes in 3 sizes, and is beginner friendly! Will you be joining the Lee Can’t Ski cal?
Click any of the photos above, or visit us at www.stitchtogetherofficial.com to get started!! I can’t wait to see your hats!!
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