Friends: The One With Crochet Book – The Rachel Blanket By Lee Sartori

The Rachel Blanket is one of my favourite designs in the new ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ Book! When I saw the blanket on Monica and Rachel’s couch throughout the series, I knew that I had to design one to enjoy myself. Because I was the Author of this book and working on many of the designs at once with a short due date, I asked my dear friend Colt Tryon (an excellent crocheter!) to be my hands for me on this project! Colt knocked it out of the park and is a great example of how being a Sample Crocheter works! Today I am excited to talk about the Rachel Blanket and bring Colt in to tell you about his experience working on the book with us (thanks Colt!).

Where to Purchase ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ by Lee Sartori

The ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ Book is so special to my heart! You can read all about how it was created and learn more about our upcoming Virtual Book Tour Dates with all of the designers involved here >>

The Pre-Order and Release Date

Before I introduce you to more of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ by Lee Sartori, let me tell you about where you can purchase the book!

-The Pre-Order Campaign has officially begun, and when you purchase your pre-order through the publisher of this book, Insight Editions, you will receive a bonus pattern PDF sent to you as a free gift!

You can also purchase the book on Amazon here >>

The book officially releases on April 25th, 2023, so there is plenty of time to secure your copy with a pre-order.

Interviewing Sample Crocheter Colt Tryon

I count my lucky stars every single day to be surrounded by such amazing friends! Colt and I have been virtual crochet buddies for a few years now, and I get so excited to see his amazing and beautiful work, along with his perpetual optimistic view of life! Colt works so hard, and the results are always outstanding.

When I designed the Rachel Blanket for this book, I was able to work up a few of the squares myself, and then call on Colt to crochet the sample blanket for the finished photography for the book! I was so lucky that he agreed to join the team.

Being a sample crocheter is a big task with big expectations, and I knew I could trust Colt to care for my design as much as I would myself. Colt worked quickly, updated me regularly (where we did little happy dances about how the blanket was coming along), and also freed up my hands so that I could work on a few of the sweaters and amigurumi in the book myself. Books have such a short working timeline, that having Colt help was such an integral part for me. I am so grateful to Colt, and can’t wait to see what he has in store next!

Although Rachel’s blanket was pretty tattered in the Friends TV Show (shown below) your blanket will be just perfect!

Here is our interview for our Virtual Book Tour, but before you dive in, be sure to follow Colt on his social media on Instagram, Facebook, and his Blog!

1). Can you tell me about how you became part of the Friends Crochet Book, and any experiences/thoughts/feelings you had at joining the book?

Lee had reached out to me via email asking me if I would like to join in on this adventure and crochet a sample for the book. I was literally blown away by this surprise. I was overly excited and just really honored, to be asked. 

2). What design did you work on for the book? Were you excited to take the job on?  

The design/sample I worked on was Rachel’s Blanket. Like, I mentioned above ☝🏻 I am truly honored to have crocheted this sample for this book!! 

3). How did you approach your sample crochet work? Was there anything you found fun or exciting about the crocheting process? 

At first, I was a little intimidated by the work. But, then when I started crocheting the first square, I was like I got this in the bag. I started with the gauge and reading through so that each square came out the same size and shape. I kept each of the squares in their own little pile by colors, making sure to weave in all ends as I went. After the first 2 rows of squares were joined together, the puzzle was coming together and the blanket just growing, and the beauty it captured, from Rachel’s Blanket. 

4). Are you a fan of the Friends TV Show? What are some of your favourite memories or moments?

I love the Friends TV Show. I was trying to get my husband into watching it, which is a work in progress at the moment. I don’t have just one favorite moment, as I loved them all and will continue to love the show. I just love the friendship they shared and kept with each other. 

5). If you could make any other design from the book, which would you make first? Why?

Can I say that I would make them all, even making Rachel’s Blanket again? They all bring life to the epic show and capture Friends TV Show, then I will always have a blanket and a special cozy and comfy piece from the characters. 

6). Is there anything else you would like to add to your feature? Tips/advice/shout-outs etc. 

I want to add: “Never give up. Always keep going. Take your time, because your time is always rising, never setting.” 

You can do anything you set out, just have to believe in yourself. 

I always want to add thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this incredible adventure and allowing me this opportunity, it has meant the world to me and I am truly grateful and honored, I was able to help you out with this book. You are an inspiration to me and I know to this community. 

Pattern Support

Because this book will be distributed and sold worldwide, the designers and Author of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ will not be available for the high volume of pattern support questions related to each of the designs inside the book. If you have a pattern question, please do not contact the designers directly, but rather contact the Publishers at – and they will be happy to help you. If needed, the Publishers will contact the designers directly on your behalf. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you so much for your support of ‘Friends: The One With Crochet’ by Lee Sartori. I am so thrilled that this book is out there for you to enjoy! If you make anything, please tag me on Instagram at @coco.crochet.lee and use the hashtag #friendscrochetbook and #friendstheonewithcrochetbook so we can see your beautiful makes!

Pattern Update

Hello everyone! It was brought to my attention by a reader that the colour chart for Rachel’s Crochet Blanket somehow didn’t make it into the book! This will be fixed on the next round of publishing but in the meantime, here is the colour chart you need to join the squares. Thank you so much!

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