Fireside Christmas Stocking – Free Crochet Pattern

I finally did it!

I finally made a Christmas stocking for myself after all of these years of wanting one when the holidays roll around. I’m so excited to hang this jumbo stocking of my dreams up for the holidays, and the good news is you can make one too! I grabbed all of the supplies to make the Fireside Christmas Stocking when I visited Michael’s Stores and found this gorgeous Lion Brand Yarn Thick and Quick!

Fireside Christmas Stocking - CoCo Crochet Lee

I wanted my stocking to be big and beautiful, so when it came time to choose a yarn from the yarn aisles at Michael’s, I went with Lion Brand Thick & Quick. There is a choice of the regular balls of yarn, but I also found larger bonus bundles that had a lot more yardage! Perfect for the main colours of my stocking.


Fireside Christmas Stocking -free crochet pattern - CoCo Crochet Lee

Take a peek at this other amazing Lion Brand Yarn Kit >> TAKE ME TO THE MULBERRY LANE CARDIGAN.

There are a few great ways to get the Fireside Christmas Stocking!!

  1. Get the AD-FREE PDF on Ravelry >> GO TO RAVELRY
  2. Get the AD-FREE PDF on Etsy >> GO TO ETSY
  3. Get the AD-FREE PDF on Lovecrafts>> GO TO LOVECRAFTS

PIN it here and make it later:

Now that you’re all set, here’s the pattern for the Fireside Christmas Stocking!

Fireside Christmas Stocking - free crochet pattern - coco crochet lee


Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bonus Bundle (212 yds/340g): 1 ball each Fisherman (A), and Cranberry (C).

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (106yds/170g): 1 ball Butterscotch (B). 


US Size J/10 (6mm) crochet hook, yarn needle, scissors. 

Finished Measurements

30” long x 12” wide. 


9 sts x 10 rounds = 4”

Special Stitches

Exsc (extended single crochet) = insert hook into indicated st, yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through one loop, yo and draw through two loops. 

Exsc-Split St (extended single crochet split stitch) = Insert hook in between the posts of indicated stitch, yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through one loop, yo and draw through two loops. 


  1. Beginning ch does not count as a st unless otherwise indicated. 



With A, make a magic ring. 

Round 1:  6 sc in ring–6 sc. 

Round 2:  2 sc in each st around–12 sc. 

Round 3:  [2 sc, sc in next] around–18 sc. 

Round 4:  [2 sc, sc in next 2] around–24 sc. 

Round 5:  [2 sc, sc in next 3] around–30 sc.

Round 6:  [2 sc, sc in next 4] around–36 sc.

Round 7:  [2 sc, sc in next 5] around–42 sc.

Round 8:  [2 sc, sc in next 6] around–48 sc.

Rounds 9-13:  Sc around. 


This entire section is worked in Exsc-Split St.

Round 14:  (A) around. 

Round 15:  *(11A), (B); repeat from * around.

Round 16:  *(B), (5A); repeat from * around.

Round 17:  *(3A), (B); repeat from * around.

Round 18:  *(2A), (B); repeat from * around.

Round 19:  *(A), (B), (A), (B), (2A), (B), (2A), (B), (A), (B); repeat from * around.

Round 20:  *(A), (B); repeat from * around.

Round 21:  *(2B), (A), (2B), (A), (B), (A), (B), (A), (B); repeat from * around.

Round 22:  *(A), (2B); repeat from * around.

Round 23:  *(3B), (A); repeat from * around.

Round 24:  *(11B), (A); repeat from * around.

Rounds 25-28:  *(B); repeat from * around.

Round 29:  Repeat Round 24.

Round 30:  Repeat Round 23.

Round 31:  Repeat Round 22. 

Round 32:  Repeat Round 21.

Round 33:  Repeat Round 20.

Round 34:  Repeat Round 19. 

Round 35:  Repeat Round 18. 

Round 36:  Repeat Round 17. 

Round 37:  Repeat Round 16. 

Round 38:  Repeat Round 15. 

Round 39:  Repeat Round 14. 

Round 40:  With A, exsc-Spit st 21, ch 21, skip 21 (heel), exsc-split st 6–48 sts. 

Round 41:  *(A); repeat from * around. 

Rounds 42-50:  Repeat Rounds 15-24 with C in place of B

Rounds 51-63:  With C, exsc-split st around. 


With C

Rounds 1-8:  *Fpdc, bpdc; repeat from * around. 

Rounds 9-10:  Sc around. 

Fasten off, weave in ends. 


With A

Join in 1st skipped st of Round 40.

Round 1:  Sc2tog, sc 18, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc 18, sc2tog–40 sc. 

Round 2:  [Sc2tog, sc 16, sc2tog] x 2–36 sc. 

Round 3:  [Sc2tog, sc 14, sc2tog] x 2–32 sc. 

Round 4:  [Sc2tog, sc 12, sc2tog] x 2–28 sts. 

Fasten off, sew seam shut. Weave in ends. 


Add a small chain (I chained 14) to Round 6 of Cuff, inline with the Heel of the stocking. Weave in ends. 

I hope you enjoyed this pattern, let me know if you make one of your own! I would love to see it over on instagram when you use the hashtag #cococrochetlee.

Happy Crocheting!!

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