Dreambox Review – Are the CreateRoom Dreamboxes Worth It?

Oh my word, my CreateRoom Dreambox is here!! I could not be more excited about this, it’s like a dream come true! Take a peek at what I did with my Dreambox, and some things to consider when purchasing your own Dreambox for your space to get the most out of your purchase.

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CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee
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Ordering the Dreambox

  • What colour matches your home decor?
    • They have Ergo, Modern Shaker, and Farmhouse Grey. 

    When it came time for me to order my Dreambox, I headed to the Createroom website to start making some very important decisions. When you order your Dreambox, you are given a few options to customize your set up to match exactly what you are looking for! 

    The first thing you get to choose is what colour you would like your Dreambox to be. There is Ergo which is a white, glossy cabinet. You can choose Modern Shaker which is the same white and glossy cabinet but it also includes some beautiful shaker details on the outside doors. And lastly, you can go with Farmhouse Grey if white doesn’t quite work for you!

    I went with the Modern Shaker Style of Dreambox as I loved the extra details. I’ll talk more about this decision later, because now that my box is all set up, I’m not sure if there was much of a need to get the Modern Shaker over the Ergo option (which is a bit cheaper so you can save a bit of money!). 

    The next thing to decide when you are customizing your Dreambox is whether you would like to add the Crown to the top of your Dreambox. It features a Daylight high powered LED light that to me, is worth every extra penny. Because I had to block one of the large windows in my office to fit my Dreambox, I lost a bit of the natural light that came in before my cabinet was set up. Adding the Crown with the light in the top makes up for the lost sunlight and makes it feel super bright and happy in my office without the window. I’m so happy I went with the Crown Option! If you have a lot of natural light in your office, you may want to opt out of the Crown, but again if you do things at night time like filming or working at your desk, the light is amazing. 

    It’s now time to decide how many drawers you need! The half-set of the drawers and containers is automatically included in your Dreambox, but you can go with the full set upgrade to get more drawers and containers. I have the full set of drawers and containers and I ended up not using some of them, I would say maybe about a quarter of them. I am going to store them though, in case I want to change the layout of my Dreambox in the future and need more of the shelves and drawers to add back in. I also added the three wooden pull drawers in the center shelf of my Dreambox, I love the way they look! 

    The last thing to decide when you are ordering is whether or not you would like your Dreambox to come already built, or if you are okay building it yourself. I had my Dreambox built ahead of time to save some time, and OH BOY am I glad I did. Although my Dreambox came pre-built, there was still so much to do when putting it together that it felt like I still had my work cut out for me. Luckily Sean was here to help, but we will talk about the set up of the Dreambox in a little bit. 

    So now that you have ordered your Dreambox, let the waiting begin!

The Delivery – Waiting for something exciting seems to take 10 times longer than normal. 

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee
  • The Dreambox is on it’s way, and you are patiently waiting at home for it to arrive!

    When I was waiting for my Dreambox to make its way to me, I took that time to clear out the space I needed to get it into the house. Sean and I ended up having to swap offices as my office upstairs has the slanted ceiling of a peaked roof, so there was zero chance of getting the Dreambox upstairs. But because I live in a little wartime house, once we touch one room, we have to move things in every other room like a domino effect, so there was a ton of work to do. The back office where my Dreambox now lives was Sean’s office, but there was also a lot of overflow storage from the rest of the house. We had to rearrange the kitchen, my son’s room, and the upstairs office a bunch to clear out the space. 

    And along the way, I received lots of friendly email updates from Dreambox letting me know where my box was and how long the wait was. It was great having the reminders to let me know how much time I had to get my space ready. So once my space was ready and the Dreambox was set to arrive, Sean and I were prepared to bring it into my new office space!

    The Dreambox arrived in a huge transport truck, so if you live on a street where a large transport cannot drive down, you may have an issue accepting the delivery. They pulled up in front of my house, and the friendly delivery driver asked me where I would like him to drop off my pallet. They will bring it up your driveway on their pallet cart, but they won’t help you bring it inside. Understandably, they are delivery drivers, not movers. So be prepared to have people around to help you unpack and move your Dreambox into your house. 

    I would say that my Dreambox came in about 3 weeks? But the delivery times are always subject to change and circumstance. I was pretty excited about how fast mine arrived!

Unboxing the Dreambox from it’s crate. You have to ‘move it – move it’….

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee
  • The Dreambox arrives in a cargo crate on top of a pallet. You are responsible for unpacking, moving, and discarding the packaging material. But it’s worth it!

Be prepared to have a few people and tools around to help you get your Dreambox out of the packaging outside. We needed a few screwdrivers to undo all of the screws holding the crate together. Once we removed the plywood crate from around the box, we saw that the Dreambox was in a few pieces (the left and right book shelves, and then all of the interior boxes and shelves that you need to set up the inside of the Dreambox itself. 

Sean and I started by moving all of the pieces onto our patio table and out of the way. Then we moved the left and right bookshelves into the office, followed by the center shelf and the crown. 

All in all, the unboxing part was super easy with an extra set of hands. Sean and I made quick work of it and got it inside fairly fast. 

The Set Up. 

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee
  • Get ready to make some decisions on how you would like your Dreambox to look on the inside!

    When it came time to set up my Dreambox, I had chosen the Pre-Built option. So that meant that my bookshelves were already put together for me, I just had to attach them together with a number of hinges that needed to be secured with screws. That part was pretty easy, but I did need Sean to help me with the Crown installation. He got up on the ladder to install it on the top of the center shelf while I assisted in making sure it was straight and secure. Go team! 

    I have to say, the most time consuming part of this whole thing was adding all of the shelves, bins, and accessories to the inside of the assembled Dreambox. I kind of just started throwing them in there, but Sean is a mathematician and more of a planner, so he ended up redoing some of my work and adjusting the height and placement of some of my shelves (haha!). If it were up to me, it would not have ended up so symmetrical, so thank you sweet Sean! 

    Once it was time to fill it all up with my supplies though, I needed another kind of help. It was time to call my sister in law, Kelly. 

Filling up the Dreambox – Arguably the funnest part of the entire process. 

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee
  • Filling up your Dreambox is ridiculously fun. You think you have way too much stuff, until you realize that your Dreambox literally has a place for everything. It’s beautiful. 

    When it came time to fill up my Dreambox with my own things, I was a bit overwhelmed. I wanted it to be perfect and so I didn’t really know where to start. That was when I realized that I can move anything around, at literally any time, and so there was no need to panic. 

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee

    I knew I wanted my yarn to be the focus of the Dreambox, so I used the side shelving to fill up with some of my yarn in rainbow order. Now, I have a lot of yarn, way too much to add to the Dreambox, but this was an amazing start. I was so happy with how much I could fit in there! I also have a side shelf along the wall of my office that has more of my yarn on it, so this worked out great. 

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee

    Next, I wanted to focus on all of my Tombow art supplies, because they bring me so much joy! They are so colourful, and getting them all organized seemed like a dream come true as previously I had no system of keeping them all together. I used the small pull out shelves for all of my alcohol markers that need to lay flat, and then I also added highlighters, coloured pencils etc at the bottom. Again, I went in rainbow order with these because I love the way that gradient looks. I do plan on getting the CreateRoom pencil holder accessory/insert for the middle shelf of my Dreambox to place all of my Tombow Dual Brush Markers in in the future, but for now they live in a Tombow marker tote instead. I love the way everything fits!

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee

    My last focus was my Furls crochet hook collection, and for that, my sister in law put them in the left shelf in all of the jars, which I think worked out so well! She put them in order by colour, and I love the way it looks, although my only consideration would be that locating the size of hook I need is a bit of a pain this way. I am thinking of reorganizing the hooks based on size instead even though the colours will be all mixed together. Function over style is sometimes necessary, am I right?

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee

    After that, it was just a matter of adding all of the rest of my supplies to the drawers and containers! It was such a breeze with my sister to help, and I think she had fun too. Thanks Kelly!!

    I mentioned above that you have a few different options for ordering the inserts and accessories for your Dreambox. I didn’t use some of the totes and shelves for my Dreambox and will be storing them for later in case I need to change anything. You could consider this when choosing how many totes you need to fill your Dreambox when you order yours.

Putting my Dreambox to good use. 

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee

–    It happened right away. I found myself sitting with my Dreambox, getting my work done, and finding peace in its company. 

    There is something beautiful about having your space so organized. I need a pencil, I know where it is. I need a piece of tape, I know where it is. I need a certain colour of yarn. BOOM. I can SEE it. Not only do I know where it is, I can see everything. 

    A lot of Dreambox owners use beautiful paper products to customize the drawers of their Dreamboxes with coloured fronts, but I love the fact that I can see into all of my drawers and know what is in them. I still need to go through things and do some more rearranging and organizing. But there is a sense of peace and incredible calm that comes from everything having a place, and a place for everything. Even my kitten has been hanging out back here with me, which is such an added bonus. She thinks my back office was built just for her, and she keeps jumping from table to cupboard to chair like it’s her playground. I’m so in love. 

CreateRoom Dreambox - CoCo Crochet Lee

Let’s get down to it. 

  • Yes the Dreambox is expensive, but is it worth it?

    I have to tell you, when I started filling up my Dreambox, do you know what was one of the first things I noticed. I had all of my craft supplies all over the place. I had things in totes. I had things in boxes. I had things in weird displays that weren’t even close to being functional. I opened up containers to put my eyes on things I had entirely forgotten about. When your office space is not functional, you can’t use your craft supplies properly. 

    When I filled up my Dreambox I was left with dozens of empty containers, totes, boxes, and displays that I just don’t need anymore. It was such a freeing moment. No more routing through weird containers for something I need. No more shoving boxes into corners or under tables. No more trying to find space for supplies like yarn, etc. Everything has a place now, and everything is close at hand. 

    The Dreambox is big. It’s very BIG. It takes up the entire wall of my office with measures about 10 feet across the main wall. I mentioned before that I had to cover up my main window in my office to get it to fit. But with the Crown lighting on top of my Dreambox, I don’t even really miss it. I am keeping my Dreambox left open at all times because that’s the way it fits into my space the best. If you have the room, you can close or partially close the doors and tuck it into a corner somewhere, but again, SHE BIG. Even when the cabinet is closed, she takes up a lot of space. Your Dreambox will pretty much be your central piece of furniture, so you don’t really need room for bookshelves or much extra storage when you consider fitting it into your office space. 

    I would say the Dreambox is worth every penny for the amount of organizing power it flouts. It’s a powerhouse. It’s a dream!

You can find your Dreambox and get a code for $100 off your purchase here with code ‘COCOCROCHET’ at checkout. Thanks for using my affiliate link to make your purchase! >> https://glnk.io/lypz/cococrochetlee 

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