Crown Goose Bedding Unboxing and Review

I was recently contacted by an awesome luxury bedding brand called Crown Goose, and let me tell you, luxury is the right word for this bedding!
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I was so excited to go through the options for a duvet cover set on the Crown Goose Website, and as I was browsing something in particular caught my eye. It was a white bedspread that had these amazing golden embroidered feathers delicately stitched in a subtle spray across the bedding.
I immediately felt like that was the style for me, and ordered the set. Shop the set here >>
Now living in Canada, I generally expect long shipping times, and some random hiccups with my package, but the bedding arrived quickly and very smoothly! I was so excited to open up the package and see what the bedding looked like in real life!
So, full disclosure, the bedding is folded into a neat little rectangle and shipped very compactly. Which creates some pretty mean wrinkles on the bedding itself. Luckily that was taken care of by a quick ironing on a low setting to eliminate the mean creases, and I was able to get it all onto my bed fairly easily!
The gold feathers are even better in person, they are neatly embroidered with shiny golden thread. The bedding is super soft and comfortable, and I couldn’t wait to fall asleep in it later that night.
The set includes the duvet cover and two matching pillow cases, there is no top or bottom sheet included in the set. I was pretty okay with this though, because Sean and I had just purchased some amazing sheets that we kept on the bed, and they matched fairly well with the Crown Goose set which worked out well.
I ended up taking a super cute photo crocheting on the new bedding, and included the unboxing and some fun behind the scenes shots in my YouTube Vlog if you would like to check it all out!

I would definitely order from Crown Goose again, I love the set!
-Happy Crocheting!
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