Crochet Cafe Book Review

Take a peek inside this Crochet Cafe Book Review where you’ll want to whip up a yummy creation so cute you’ll want to eat it!

Crochet Cafe is a brand new book by Crochet Designer, Author, and my friend Lauren Espy – and I am delighted to be able to dive into it’s newly printed pages and take a peek at the wonderful amigurumi treats found inside!

Crochet Cafe features more than 30 adorable and appetizing food- inspired amigurumi patterns. Lauren Espy, author of 2019’s No. 1 best-selling amigurumi book in the United States, Whimsical Stitches, gives you the ingredients and recipes you need to crochet your favourite meals and treats. Easy-to-follow patterns, detailed photographs, and helpful tips make this book perfect for novice and experienced crocheters alike.

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Here’s what I liked about Crochet Cafe.

The Crochet Cafe is so fun to go through! The chapters are divided up into meals, starting with ‘Breakfast’, then ‘Lunch’, ‘Snacks’, ‘Dinner’, and of course finishing off with ‘Dessert’.

There are so many great patterns in this book, and I absolutely love that many of them are accompanied by multiple components. The Lobster comes with a corn on the cob and a tiny little butter.

I also love that all of the patterns are written on beautiful menu boards in chalk lettering! It’s such a beautiful presentation and a unique way to display the supplies and tools you need to make each of the patterns.

How cute is that menu! You could totally find something like this hanging in a trendy cafe.

Here’s What I Made.

When it came time to decide what I was going to make from Crochet Cafe, my daughter Emma-Noel had a strong hand in the decision. She’s a big fan of amigurumi, and has quite a few of the ones I have made for her over the years. I let her look through the book and pick something for me to make for her, and she landed in the ‘Snacks’ section with the adorable Oranges.

The oranges are so cute because you have the option to make the full unpeeled orange, or an orange slice! Emma-Noel and I thought the orange slices were so cute!

I think my little orange slice turned out so good! The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

I could absolutely make a bunch of these and be completely happy with a pile of smiling little orange slices hanging around the house!

I’m not sure which ones we’re going to make next but I do know that Emma-Noel wants pretty much every single treat inside this book so it should keep us busy for a while!

It was such a pleasure to add Crochet Cafe to my collection along with Lauren’s first book, Whimsical Stitches. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Happy Crocheting!


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    Does Amazon sell this book?

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