Creative Places to Take Photos – Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens

As a crochet and knitwear designer, I’m always looking for new and creative locations to take product photos! One of my absolute favourite places to go around my home is Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens in Kingsville, Ontario. Colasanti’s has been around since I was a little kid, and now that I have little ones of my own, we visit there all the time.
When you are looking for a place to take photos there are a few things to keep in mind. You need a beautiful space, obviously, but a space that provides natural lighting is extremely important. Colasanti’s is a tropical garden center, and the facility is HUGE!
There are so many great places to take photos, we found spots around every corner. You can usually find places were there aren’t many other customers around, especially if you visit on a weekday as opposed to the weekend. We got this great shot of the Mulberry Lane Cardi out in one of the greenhouses! You can shop find the pattern here>> FREE MULBERRY LANE CARDI PATTERN.
Once Sean and I get a variety of photos, we usually make a day of it because Colasanti’s has a ton of activities to do for the kids! Emma-Noel and Conan are amazing because they help with all of the photography, and then they know we’ll play and see all of the other attractions while we’re there. Business first, then Fun!
We have a pretty solid routine, first thing we do is play some of the arcade games. Colasanti’s has one of the bigger arcades around in our area, so it’s really fun for the kids to walk around and try out some of the games to win tickets. The tickets can then be exchanged at the front desk for prizes.
Conan got really lucky the last time we were visiting and hit the jackpot on one of the games! He was so excited, we had to watch him jump up and down with a huge smile for the entire time it took the machine to spit out all of his winnings!
After we’re out of tokens for the arcade, we usually head over to one of my favourite spots, the petting zoo! Colasanti’s has a pretty amazing variety of animals to visit, including goats, rabbits, peacocks, a huge pot bellied pig, and lots of birds of paradise.
You can hang out with the animals indoors and feed them, or you can head outdoors to their large play area and walk around with them! The goats are usually pretty good for a laugh, they will butt up against you if they think you have food for them. And in the spring, there are usually adorable babies!
I especially love the bunnies that you see hoping about and interacting with the other animals, they are so cute!
You can’t go to Colasanti’s without getting some of their cinnamon sugar donuts at the restaurant area, we almost always eat them before our actual lunch arrives!
After lunch, the kids usually ride the rides, play mini golf, and then join me as I look around the garden center for some fun gifts to take home. It’s such a fun time for everyone!
I always fun such cute little plant pots, and fun plants to bring home!
One of the best parts about going home after a long day of work and play is that Conan almost always falls asleep on the way home, it’s so cute!
That’s how you know it was a good time!
Visit Colasant’s at to check out their upcoming sales and events, and maybe I’ll see you there next time!
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