Creative Girls Club – An Annie’s Kit Club

Annie’s has a number of subscription boxes that come to your door on a monthly basis, and of course Emma-Noel’s favourite one is the ‘Creative Girls Club‘!
What is the Creative Girls Club?
Creative Girls Club is a craft kit series for girls that allows her to express herself through crafting.
About every 4 weeks, your girl will receive TWO new craft kits to complete. Each shipment will include new arts and crafts for girls that are bound to inspire, entertain and enlighten.
Creative Girls Club is an arts and craft kit series for girls between the ages of 7-12. This age is the ideal window of opportunity to pass on a love of crafting to the next generation.
Inside the colourful envelope, she finds a number of different crafts to try, with all of the instructions and supplies needed in order to make the projects.
Emma-Noel always finds it hard to choose which one to start with, and will usually end up opening up all of them and doing different parts all at once. This month, she received a tie-dyed star to paint, a soap making kit, and some colourful scratch art with a fun scratch tool.
The great thing about these kits is that once you are done, you can keep all of the tools to use on future projects. Emma-Noel is having fun collecting different tools and paintbrushes that she uses for her own crafts.
We’ve been enjoying these so much, and we can’t wait for next months to arrive!
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Happy Making!!
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