Celebrate Good Times, Common!

Changes are often difficult. But they can also be INCREDIBLE. I feel like this is one of those times for me, a brand new place for my creative voice to call home.
I’ve been taking some pretty big personal leaps as of late, all good things. I have decided to trust myself more, and be more confident in what I can do (because it’s a lot!). I’ve spent the last 3 years designing, learning how to run aggressive Facebook ad campaigns for a large company, tech editing, blogging, writing articles, networking, building an affiliate program, producing a mass of social media work on different platforms, going live in front of large audiences, and also appearing on public television. I’ve submitted to magazines, books, yarn companies, and more. And all of it has been SO FUN. All of it. Truly. I wouldn’t be the designer I am now without all of those experiences, and having worked with so many great people.
Now that I have become comfortable with working with other companies behind the scenes, I’ve made more of an effort this year to come out from behind that curtain and say hello. And the response has been overwhelmingly kind to say the least. When you work for large companies anonymously, you sort of begin to forget that you are yourself a talented individual with a voice of your own. I spent the first part of the year connecting with some designer friends, and offering them the help and advice that I have grown to take a bit for granted. Social media tips at the forefront of that. And in return, I found that I was becoming part of a wonderful and vibrant community, where I finally feel like I belong.
This blog is my new home where I can share my work with you, my advice, my support, and my help. I hope I can make a difference for you on your own Maker Journey, and that you find the support you need to be the success I know you can be. I’ll be here too, building my own independent voice, CoCo Crochet Lee’s voice. Thank you to everyone who has been here to watch my little piece of the maker world grow, and thank you for sticking around to see it grow even more. I appreciate each and every one of you!
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